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A limited time treasure-hunting event, a new type of storm generator, brand new level up rewards, and new loot to obtain! Y'er in for quite an adventure...

Captain Mayhem has shipwrecked his airship in the Skybounds universe! The damage to his ship has caused his treasure to scatter across the warzone on all servers. He's willing to give you some exlusive items and gear he's pillaged from the Developer Islands in exchange for your help getting his treasures back...

Captain Mayhem has taken settlement in the market of each of the Skybounds worlds. Talk to him to obtain a Captain's Log and a Pirate's Mystical Shovel, and get hunting!

The Captain's Log
This book magically updates with clues to the whereabouts of treasure in the warzone. Every single day for a week a new clue will be revealed to you. It's up to you to track down the location that the riddle is hinting at and dig for the gold!

Pirate's Mystical Shovel
This shovel isn't for digging any ordinary holes! Right click while in the warzone to dig the surrounding area for treasure. If you're by the captain's lost treasure, you'll receive some of his Dabloons to trade back to Captain Mayhem!


are an event-exclusive currency for this week. Obtain between 5 and 10 Dabloons...

Update day is officially upon us once more! I hope that everyone has had a lovely week and is pumped for today's change log! Although this update isn't the biggest of the bunch, I can assure you that you will highly enjoy the results! New Corrupted Kits have since been implemented into the server, along side a new Farming Rune, and Arena Lobby. Make sure to hop online with your friends and check everything out! For those of you interested in supporting the server and the work we do, please don't hesitate to visit our community shop and take a look around. We host a sale every weekend, so make sure to read below on what deals you may be missing out on! Savage Games | Welcome


FIVE BRAND NEW Corrupted kits can now be found on SkyBounds as of today! Yes, you heard me correctly, FIVE new kits have since been introduced to the community that you can challenge yourself in finding keys for within the server. These Corrupted Kits aren't necessarily strong suited for pvp related encounters, but more so focused on skill. The names of the new Corrupted Kits include: Banker, Farmer, Conjurer, Miner, and Blacksmith.These kits include some unique armor set features, along side an exclusive item that can only be obtained through unlocking the kit!

The Banker:
The Banker Armor set when used, increases sell price of items on a % level. For everyone that focuses their game time collecting valuables and selling to obtain fat stacks, this kit is for you! This kit also showcases a special item in top tier kit version. When a player uses this item, Auction House tax is reduced...​

Hello there! It's been a little while since I've done one of these change logs... so let's not delay any longer. Let's get right into what's new this week! Coming to SkyBounds are a lot of cool new features that a lot of you have been asking for. New ways to maneuver around the server through the use of commands has since been implemented, along with newly priced shop items! We are introducing an Immortal Kit this week as well, along side 27 new schematics that were brought to you by your fellow SkyBounds players!

The Void Market is a brand new category in the Savage Games Shop. (Savage Games | Welcome). The Void Market will contain high-value items that aren't necessarily "extras". This change will allow us to better organize content for future releases. You can access this section of the shop just as you would any other category. Visit the shop through the link provided above, locate the Void Market on the left hand side of the navigation and proceed from there.

New Mob Drops have been added across the board to many of the common animals and monsters you'll find in Skybounds. Your mob farms just got a lot more useful.
Creepers can now drop:
  • TNT
  • Combuster Blaster
  • Rupter Potion Recipes (Levels 1 - 3)
  • Creeper Spawner
  • Creeper Spawn Egg (1 - 5x)
  • Creeper Head
  • Gunpowder
Blazes can now drop:
  • Blaze Spawner
  • Blaze Spawn Egg (1 - 5x)
  • Blaze Rods
  • Enchanting XP Bottles (100 - 1,000XP)
  • Blaze Heads
Skeletons can now drop:
  • Enderbow
  • Everbloom Elixir Potion Recipe
  • Skeleton Spawner
  • Skeleton Head...

The Savage Games team is back with another build event for the month of August! The theme for this month is Outer Space. You may submit up to 3 entries, 1 entry per any 3 worlds of your choice. That gives you up to 3 chances to win! Please use the submission link at the bottom of this page to enter the contest. Rules are published below -- Please take the time to read over and review the these guidelines.

Let's think out of the box, be creative and make these builds OUT OF THIS WORLD! ;)
You must submit an entry via the link at the very bottom of this page.
Please note that all winning prizes will only go to the new islands.

When will it start:

The event will start Tuesday, August 1st 2017 and end on Tuesday, August 29th 2017. That
gives everyone approximately one month to jot down ideas, obtain their building materials and make their
creations come to life! Week three of August will then be used to judge your work and announce the winners of this months build competition.​

  • You may enter the contest up to one time. This is a server wide event and winners will not be chosen per world basis.
  • When submitting your videos / screen shots, the side bar showing the owner of the island must be visible. All submissions posted without the menu on the right hand side, will be disqualified.
  • Although you may work with friends, please keep in mind that the island owner who's name is displayed in the screen shots will be the one rewarded the prize if selected as a winner. We will not be giving out multiple prizes per island submissions.
  • There must be a minimum of 1 minute time...


Update day is upon on us and although this may not be the most extensive change log, we are still bringing you some cool new features that we feel you all will enjoy. From new potion recipes, to a brand new openable, and even tutorial islands! Keep reading to learn more about these new SkyBounds features and maybe even check out our shop this weekend to take advantage of the 10% off store wide weekend sale!
Savage Games | Welcome

A handful of new potion recipes are coming to SkyBounds this week! These potions range from being helpful on your islands, to assisting you in the Warzone during PVP. These potions can be obtained through recipe books found out in the warzone, or even by using one of the new Recipe Library openables (more information below). For those of you who really enjoy gathering materials in order to craft new and exciting recipes, this update is definitely for you! Get your tools, gather some resources and brew on!

The Necro Potion can be used on your island only. With the throw of this potion, you can summon a horde of monsters in the blink of an eye! The range in which these monsters spawn, and the amount in which spawn varies depending on the strength of the pot!

The Arctic Potion will surely freeze you in your tracks! Ever wanted to simply turn your island into a full on snowy wonderland? Well now you can with the flick of your wrist. Toss one of these pots down and give your island a complete face lift!

Have you ever wanted to destroy a large area of...

Schematic Build Event Winners Announcement
An official thank you to everyone that partook in this months BIG build event contest. The overall outcome of entries was amazing and it was so lovely to see such a variety of users and their content! We have since gone through and taken a look at all 100+ entries and determined the winners. Those who qualify for a prize will be listed below, however, keep in mind that in order to acquire your reward -- I must first be able to obtain a schematic of it via the server. After all, this was the schematic build event and your schematics will be used across the entire server! If you for whatever reason destroyed your submission build to the point of it being unusable as a schematic, you will unfortunately be disqualified.

Now on to the winners!
✓ The top three winners will be rewarded as promised and their schematics placed in game.
✓ The Top 10 winners will receive a prize, along with their schematics placed in game.
✓ The top 10 runner ups will get something small and possibly have their schematics implemented onto the server.

Congratulations to everyone!


Placed Winners:

▧ First Place ►
RamRab_YT - Magic Islands
CREATIVE! I know a lot of people will enjoy these!
RamRab's Build Event Entry.

▧ Second Place ►
Benjocaron - Monster Islands
Very creative build! Was quite impressed with the overall thought and structure.

▧ Third Place ►
Narnia - First Islands
Fantastic builds! Very cute and simplistic, yet detailed.

Top 10 Winners:

► jokerboy123456 - Magic Islands
jokerboy123456's Build Event Entry.
jokerboy123456's Build Event Entry.



Update day is upon us once more! Today we bring to you new custom features pertaining to Bosses, and how YOU now have a say in the outcome of your boss battle rewards. Our first ever corruption kit will be introduced, along with Kit Redemption Tokens! This last month we brought new game play mechanics to the Warzone through various types of Emeralds, and now we gave you the 'Kill Challenge Emerald' - a new way to play! Quality Assurance servers, sales and more!


Essence is here and is bringing a whole new level of Boss reward outcomes to the table! Not only do you need to compile a game plan for the Boss, but now your team mates too! Determining the outcome of your Boss Battle may have gotten a bit trickier. Do you wish to benefit your allies for all the hard work they've done, or take all the riches for yourself? You decide!

Currently there are two different types of Essence obtainable - Charming Essence and Corrupting Essence, however, more Essence will be coming to SkyBounds in the near future. Essence can be purchased in the donation store or even added onto your Boss Egg purchases for around $5.

Charming Essence: Increases the amount of players who will get rewarded from killing the boss.
Corrupting Essence: Lowers the amount of users who will get rewarded, but guarantees better rewards to those that do.


Essence can only be applied to fully charged Boss Eggs, thus any uncharged eggs will need to be taken to the alter and charged before Essence can take effect. Only one Essence can be applied per Boss Egg at this time. In order to apply the Essence, simply drag and drop the Essence onto your charged Boss Egg. The Essence...​

Friday has officially landed upon us once more this month and I am happy to introduce to you some cool new features that have been brought to the server. This new update includes changes in the way Boss Eggs can be obtained, the transferring of kits across worlds, a brand new Immortal Shard and much more. Lots of interesting changes this week, so lets dive right in!

Originally Boss eggs were introduced to the server by only being obtainable through the donation store. However, the Savage Games team wanted you to experience this great server feature to its full potential and thus, Uncharged Boss Eggs can now be found in game! Now, keep in mind that uncharged boss eggs do require more attention and dedication, but the hard work put into fully charging the egg makes it completely worth the efforts.


When you've found an Uncharged Boss Egg, you must bring the egg to a Boss Alter to be charged. Boss Alters can are located in each islands Market and can only hold one uncharged boss egg at a time. Once your egg is placed inside of the Boss Alter, the alter will activate and the requirements needed to fully charge your egg will appear before you. Along with the requirements being listed, your name will appear over top the egg to notify users of who owns the boss egg and who they are assisting with charging the egg.


Charging a boss egg demands that three requirements be met in order to fulfill your task. Each boss egg is different and may also require different forms of energy as payment. For example, the Arcane Golem seen above requires that you sacrifice 1500 enchantment levels, 10000 arcane power and 300 item levels. Once all of these demands are met,...​

Last week we introduced an entirely brand new feature into the community: SkyBounds Bosses. We obtained an overwhelming amount of positive feedback in regards to the new Boss and in return we'd like to bring you the new and improved: Skeleton Knight. Along side the new boss addition, we have added the ability for players to now have a chance at obtaining both Eternal and Immortal shards in Monthly / Weekly reward crates. A new kit has since been implemented, duel mode emeralds, boss loot buff and much more! Continue reading for more information on this weeks changes.


The second boss to be introduced into the game will be known to you all as The Skeleton Knight.
The Skeleton Knight is far from your average skeleton... in fact, this knight in particular was once a human much like yourself. Many years ago, in the land of Minecraft rd-132211, a human was spawned into what was once known as the pre-classic stages of Minecraft, or the beginning of time as we know now. The knight of said time went through vigorous testing and was exposed to horrifying, gruesome and unthinkable tasks. As time went on, the world continued to evolve, and our knight perished into the ground only to be awakened years to come. Nobody seems to know what exactly happened to said knight, but those who have encountered his presence, have never returned to tell the tale.


Much like the Arcane Golem from last week, the Skeleton Knight can be spawned only in the designated islands made for Bosses. Boss eggs for the Skeleton Knight can be obtained through the Savage Games shop and can only be obtained through the store...​
Eternal Shard Boss Buff
Eternal Shards are the top most desired item to be obtained when it comes to the SkyBounds community. As many of you know, Eternal Shards are typically only obtainable through prestiging on the server or through various Savage Games events. However, with our recent update, you may now obtain Eternal Shards through Boss Battles.

How an Eternal Shard works, is very similar to the mechanics of an Immortal Shard. Once you are located at your island, you may right click to us an Eternal Shard. The Eternal Shard then rolls through all available kits that the user does not have unlocked, in the end resulting in a permanently unlocked kit for you to keep and use! Who wouldn't want to get their hands on this shard, it's truly worth getting!

So you may be asking, how was the Eternal Shard buffed? When you summon a Boss and successfully beat it, you will now have a chance at obtaining an Eternal Shard in replace of a Boss Crystal. Boss Crystals are commonly rewarded to players who defeat bosses, which gives you access to a Boss Key that you may use to roll for various prizes. However, now, instead of going through the process of hoping that you get something spectacular, YOU COULD POTENTIALLY GET A GREAT PRIZE IMMEDIATELY!

Bosses are the first piece of content dedicated to endgame players and will most definitely not be the last! More Bosses will be showing up around the worlds of SkyBounds, so I highly suggest you keep an eye out and in the mean time stock up on your much needed gear! The more bosses to arrive, the more epic gear to discover! Grab your friends, or maybe even your frienemies and let the battles begin!

If you would like to read more about our recent update, you can check out the changelog here:
SkyBounds Bosses, Weekly Rewards and Viewable Kit...