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Update day is upon us once more! Today we bring to you new custom features pertaining to Bosses, and how YOU now have a say in the outcome of your boss battle rewards. Our first ever corruption kit will be introduced, along with Kit Redemption Tokens! This last month we brought new game play mechanics to the Warzone through various types of Emeralds, and now we gave you the 'Kill Challenge Emerald' - a new way to play! Quality Assurance servers, sales and more!


Essence is here and is bringing a whole new level of Boss reward outcomes to the table! Not only do you need to compile a game plan for the Boss, but now your team mates too! Determining the outcome of your Boss Battle may have gotten a bit trickier. Do you wish to benefit your allies for all the hard work they've done, or take all the riches for yourself? You decide!

Currently there are two different types of Essence obtainable - Charming Essence and Corrupting Essence, however, more Essence will be coming to SkyBounds in the near future. Essence can be purchased in the donation store or even added onto your Boss Egg purchases for around $5.

Charming Essence: Increases the amount of players who will get rewarded from killing the boss.
Corrupting Essence: Lowers the amount of users who will get rewarded, but guarantees better rewards to those that do.


Essence can only be applied to fully charged Boss Eggs, thus any uncharged eggs will need to be taken to the alter and charged before Essence can take effect. Only one Essence can be applied per Boss Egg at this time. In order to apply the Essence, simply drag and drop the Essence onto your charged Boss Egg. The Essence...​

Friday has officially landed upon us once more this month and I am happy to introduce to you some cool new features that have been brought to the server. This new update includes changes in the way Boss Eggs can be obtained, the transferring of kits across worlds, a brand new Immortal Shard and much more. Lots of interesting changes this week, so lets dive right in!

Originally Boss eggs were introduced to the server by only being obtainable through the donation store. However, the Savage Games team wanted you to experience this great server feature to its full potential and thus, Uncharged Boss Eggs can now be found in game! Now, keep in mind that uncharged boss eggs do require more attention and dedication, but the hard work put into fully charging the egg makes it completely worth the efforts.


When you've found an Uncharged Boss Egg, you must bring the egg to a Boss Alter to be charged. Boss Alters can are located in each islands Market and can only hold one uncharged boss egg at a time. Once your egg is placed inside of the Boss Alter, the alter will activate and the requirements needed to fully charge your egg will appear before you. Along with the requirements being listed, your name will appear over top the egg to notify users of who owns the boss egg and who they are assisting with charging the egg.


Charging a boss egg demands that three requirements be met in order to fulfill your task. Each boss egg is different and may also require different forms of energy as payment. For example, the Arcane Golem seen above requires that you sacrifice 1500 enchantment levels, 10000 arcane power and 300 item levels. Once all of these demands are met,...​

Last week we introduced an entirely brand new feature into the community: SkyBounds Bosses. We obtained an overwhelming amount of positive feedback in regards to the new Boss and in return we'd like to bring you the new and improved: Skeleton Knight. Along side the new boss addition, we have added the ability for players to now have a chance at obtaining both Eternal and Immortal shards in Monthly / Weekly reward crates. A new kit has since been implemented, duel mode emeralds, boss loot buff and much more! Continue reading for more information on this weeks changes.


The second boss to be introduced into the game will be known to you all as The Skeleton Knight.
The Skeleton Knight is far from your average skeleton... in fact, this knight in particular was once a human much like yourself. Many years ago, in the land of Minecraft rd-132211, a human was spawned into what was once known as the pre-classic stages of Minecraft, or the beginning of time as we know now. The knight of said time went through vigorous testing and was exposed to horrifying, gruesome and unthinkable tasks. As time went on, the world continued to evolve, and our knight perished into the ground only to be awakened years to come. Nobody seems to know what exactly happened to said knight, but those who have encountered his presence, have never returned to tell the tale.


Much like the Arcane Golem from last week, the Skeleton Knight can be spawned only in the designated islands made for Bosses. Boss eggs for the Skeleton Knight can be obtained through the Savage Games shop and can only be obtained through the store...​
Eternal Shard Boss Buff
Eternal Shards are the top most desired item to be obtained when it comes to the SkyBounds community. As many of you know, Eternal Shards are typically only obtainable through prestiging on the server or through various Savage Games events. However, with our recent update, you may now obtain Eternal Shards through Boss Battles.

How an Eternal Shard works, is very similar to the mechanics of an Immortal Shard. Once you are located at your island, you may right click to us an Eternal Shard. The Eternal Shard then rolls through all available kits that the user does not have unlocked, in the end resulting in a permanently unlocked kit for you to keep and use! Who wouldn't want to get their hands on this shard, it's truly worth getting!

So you may be asking, how was the Eternal Shard buffed? When you summon a Boss and successfully beat it, you will now have a chance at obtaining an Eternal Shard in replace of a Boss Crystal. Boss Crystals are commonly rewarded to players who defeat bosses, which gives you access to a Boss Key that you may use to roll for various prizes. However, now, instead of going through the process of hoping that you get something spectacular, YOU COULD POTENTIALLY GET A GREAT PRIZE IMMEDIATELY!

Bosses are the first piece of content dedicated to endgame players and will most definitely not be the last! More Bosses will be showing up around the worlds of SkyBounds, so I highly suggest you keep an eye out and in the mean time stock up on your much needed gear! The more bosses to arrive, the more epic gear to discover! Grab your friends, or maybe even your frienemies and let the battles begin!

If you would like to read more about our recent update, you can check out the changelog here:
SkyBounds Bosses, Weekly Rewards and Viewable Kit...

The Savage Games team is back with another build event for the month of July! This month is going to be a little different then our typical build events. The theme for this month is Schematics. How this will work, is you will be provided with a list of categories below to choose from pertaining to schematics we would like to see on the server. You may only choose up to 6 categories to build, but may make as many schematics per category as you'd like. However, all categories must be presented in different entries. Up to only 6 entries per person. Please keep in mind that these are going to be schematics. That being said quality over quantity is a must! Please make sure that builds are individually made, detached from other objects on your island and easy to copy / save if chosen as winners. Those that win at the end of the month will not only obtain their prizes listed below, but also have their schematics featured on Skybounds officially!

- Farms.
- Statues.
- Vehicles.
- Trees / Nature.
- Buildings / Homes.
- Landscaping / Terrain.
- Bodies of water (Fountains / Ponds / Lakes).
- Basic generator / grinders builds. (Mobs / Ores, etc).
- Misc. cool things you'd like to see on islands / be obtainable.

Please make sure each schematic is no larger then 30x30x30 blocks.
You must submit an entry via the link at the very bottom of this page.
Please note that all winning prizes will only go to the new islands.

When will it start:

The event will start Saturday, July 1st 2017 and end on Saturday, July 29th 2017. That
gives everyone approximately one month to jot...​
1st Place:
NeXoN_LT - Prehistoric
This month was all about video edits and effects. This entry definitely takes the cake!

GhostCreeper3 - Prehistoric
Also throwing this lovely entry in first place for the build quality, supreme!

2nd Place:
Samnokomis - Cartoon
Not the route I expected this build contest. Was blown away and surprised!

3rd Place:
J_For_Jenius - First
Nicely done build! Very creative and well put together, loved it.

First Place:
Ultra Rank OR 1x Eternal Shard.
Second Place: 1x Immortal shard of choice on winning island.
Third Place: 1x Kit of choice on winning server. (Valued at $9.99 - $16.99 regular price).

Everyone who won a 1st - 3rd place position, please join the public discord, add me or tag me so that we can further discuss your prizes.

Thanks again to everyone who entered.
The second part of this months build event will be posted tonight!

Last week the Savage Games team brought you Multi and Single combat zones, this week we are bringing you 'Boss Combat Zones'. Just like the multi and single combat regions that were introduced last week, you will now be able to find boss specific islands out in the Warzone too. Along side Boss regions, you will now be able to officially access your weekly rewards!



The first boss that will be introduced this week is the Arcane Golem. On his off days, you can usually find this majestic creature out in the fields passing glances with a local Villager or handing out roses to it's beloved. However, if one is to disturb him, you can expect much more than a hug.

Arcane Golems are fierce and strong. Do you feel you have what it takes to challenge him and win? Those who wish to attempt to defeat the Arcane Golem must first obtain the Arcane Golem Boss Egg. Once you have successfully acquired such a marvelous treasure, you can then proceed to find the restricted islands in which the egg can be successfully used on. Keep in mind, that you may only summon the beast on the islands specifically made for the bosses which are located far out in the depths of the worlds borders. Boss related islands can be distinguished by a symbol that over looks the island from above.



Boss eggs will be obtainable only in the Savage Games store: Savage Games | Welcome
Once you have received your Arcane Golem Boss Egg, you may travel out to the designated islands where the eggs can be used. When you arrive, you may summon the Golem and fight...​
Hey Skybounds players!

It has come to our attention that there are numerous fake giveaways going around via in-game PM, Discord, and forum PMs. These giveaways request you to click a suspicious URL in exchange for entry to the giveaway.

Do not click these URLs, or provide any information.

If you are sent this link in-game or on the forums, take a screenshot and file a player report or notify a moderator immediately.

If you are sent this link in Discord, block the user by right clicking their name and choosing Block.

We will never ask you for your account password, or for you to visit any URLs besides those hosted on "savage.games", "skybounds.com" or on social media.

Stay safe out there and avoid spooky links,
Savage Games Staff

Our artist is at Vidcon this week, so @Zora was put in charge of the artwork. It's been a very difficult time for us all.
Chaos Emeralds are a new timed powerup that can be discovered in warzone loot and from our shop.


While active, the entire warzone will enter Chaos Mode, (or multi-combat mode, but chaos mode sounds cooler) for the duration of the effect.


When triggered, you will be given a 30 second warmup before the effect goes live. Use this time to either prepare for the change or escape while you can.


While in the warzone, your sidebar will update to show the status and the time remaining before the effect expires. A server-wide broadcast will appear when Singlecombat regions are restored.


There is a 15 minute wait period between chaos emerald uses. Use them well!

Monthly Rewards have received a content buff for all 3 ranks! Here are the new prizes for each rank:




These new rewards will be available starting today, with more rewards coming as soon as next week!


We've heard your suggestions about adding voting rewards in the past, but realistically, voting really doesn't do anything. Nobody checks server lists for new servers to play on, so we wanted to reward you guys for doing what you already do... telling your friends!...