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This Halloween season, a full moon has risen and a new I-kit has clamored out of the sewers…

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During this event some warzone chests will be replaced by Jack o'Lanterns. Players will be able to break these lanterns in order to receive “Trick or Treat Tokens”. Once broken these lanterns will revert to lootable warzone chests.

Depending on the Storm Gem triggered, different percentages of the chests will be replaced by Jack o'Lanterns. Storm Gems will replace a small portion of chests, Super Storm Gems will replace over half of chests & Acid Storm Gems will replace a majority of the chests with Jack o'Lanterns.

Each shopkeeper within the market will...
This week in Skybounds, watch your bobber dip under & get hooked yourself because there are plenty of new changes to take a bite out of!

This week’s update introduces a new fishing quest-line to Skybounds!
In order to begin tossing hooks with this new content , players will have to first achieve “Level 10”. Doing so will allow for conversation and quests with the “Old Fisherman” in the market.


He’ll task you with several small quests, to first build the rod & strengthen it. However if you go the extra mile to help this withered old soul with his qualms, you’ll be rewarded handsomely for your efforts with an improved rod and with it chances at reeling much better fish & loot!

You’ll be able to further bolster the usefulness of your fishing rod through its new corresponding skill trees and upgrades! This includes braided fishing line to unlock higher loot categories, better bait for faster “bite” rate, a sinker for better loot chances as well as the ability to place “chum” bait using any raw meat to allow for a brief period of instant catches.



The additional “Geologist” and “Treasure Hunter” upgrades offer variation to your fishing experience. The former will augment your catches based off of proximity to certain block types, and the latter will offer additional unique loot chances for better rewards. So cast out a line and get started making riches through...

First off, after many requests, we’re happy to announce that after much testing, /trade will finally be reintroduced to Skybounds. Now you’ll be able to make multi-item exchanges with other players in a much more secure manner.


Simply enter /trade<player> or right click another player in spawn and you’ll be able to interface with the trade GUI and set up offers.

Both players will be able to place their offers as well as view the offers of their trade-partners, and will be given a grace period to deny offers should they reconsider them after agreement.

Any alterations to the contents of a trade after accepting will also cancel the trade, meaning no one being observant as to the original offers will be swindled!

We also have a new Mob Arena & Duel Arena Map to allow for some alternate choices in those modes. The levitating purple crystals of this monumental magic floating platform will be the new battlegrounds for your combat amongst other players, as well as hoards of mobs.

In the Duel Arena Modes, the central battle area as well as the two spawns and platforms around them will offer you new options in ambushing and outwitting your foes, just be cautious not to fall into the abyss below as you move about.

Additionally, we’ve improved the betting GUI for Duel Arena, allowing you to make more exact bets, without needing to utilize the star incremental...​