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A limited time treasure-hunting event, a new type of storm generator, brand new level up rewards, and new loot to obtain! Y'er in for quite an adventure...

Captain Mayhem has shipwrecked his airship in the Skybounds universe! The damage to his ship has caused his treasure to scatter across the warzone on all servers. He's willing to give you some exlusive items and gear he's pillaged from the Developer Islands in exchange for your help getting his treasures back...

Captain Mayhem has taken settlement in the market of each of the Skybounds worlds. Talk to him to obtain a Captain's Log and a Pirate's Mystical Shovel, and get hunting!

The Captain's Log
This book magically updates with clues to the whereabouts of treasure in the warzone. Every single day for a week a new clue will be revealed to you. It's up to you to track down the location that the riddle is hinting at and dig for the gold!

Pirate's Mystical Shovel
This shovel isn't for digging any ordinary holes! Right click while in the warzone to dig the surrounding area for treasure. If you're by the captain's lost treasure, you'll receive some of his Dabloons to trade back to Captain Mayhem!


are an event-exclusive currency for this week. Obtain between 5 and 10 Dabloons...

Update day is officially upon us once more! I hope that everyone has had a lovely week and is pumped for today's change log! Although this update isn't the biggest of the bunch, I can assure you that you will highly enjoy the results! New Corrupted Kits have since been implemented into the server, along side a new Farming Rune, and Arena Lobby. Make sure to hop online with your friends and check everything out! For those of you interested in supporting the server and the work we do, please don't hesitate to visit our community shop and take a look around. We host a sale every weekend, so make sure to read below on what deals you may be missing out on! Savage Games | Welcome


FIVE BRAND NEW Corrupted kits can now be found on SkyBounds as of today! Yes, you heard me correctly, FIVE new kits have since been introduced to the community that you can challenge yourself in finding keys for within the server. These Corrupted Kits aren't necessarily strong suited for pvp related encounters, but more so focused on skill. The names of the new Corrupted Kits include: Banker, Farmer, Conjurer, Miner, and Blacksmith.These kits include some unique armor set features, along side an exclusive item that can only be obtained through unlocking the kit!

The Banker:
The Banker Armor set when used, increases sell price of items on a % level. For everyone that focuses their game time collecting valuables and selling to obtain fat stacks, this kit is for you! This kit also showcases a special item in top tier kit version. When a player uses this item, Auction House tax is reduced...​

Hello there! It's been a little while since I've done one of these change logs... so let's not delay any longer. Let's get right into what's new this week! Coming to SkyBounds are a lot of cool new features that a lot of you have been asking for. New ways to maneuver around the server through the use of commands has since been implemented, along with newly priced shop items! We are introducing an Immortal Kit this week as well, along side 27 new schematics that were brought to you by your fellow SkyBounds players!

The Void Market is a brand new category in the Savage Games Shop. (Savage Games | Welcome). The Void Market will contain high-value items that aren't necessarily "extras". This change will allow us to better organize content for future releases. You can access this section of the shop just as you would any other category. Visit the shop through the link provided above, locate the Void Market on the left hand side of the navigation and proceed from there.

New Mob Drops have been added across the board to many of the common animals and monsters you'll find in Skybounds. Your mob farms just got a lot more useful.
Creepers can now drop:
  • TNT
  • Combuster Blaster
  • Rupter Potion Recipes (Levels 1 - 3)
  • Creeper Spawner
  • Creeper Spawn Egg (1 - 5x)
  • Creeper Head
  • Gunpowder
Blazes can now drop:
  • Blaze Spawner
  • Blaze Spawn Egg (1 - 5x)
  • Blaze Rods
  • Enchanting XP Bottles (100 - 1,000XP)
  • Blaze Heads
Skeletons can now drop:
  • Enderbow
  • Everbloom Elixir Potion Recipe
  • Skeleton Spawner
  • Skeleton Head...