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This week in Skybounds, we’re continuing the ghoulish festivities with some all-around server improvement!


First on the agenda is the addition of Immortal Shard Boosters. These boosters will augment the success rate of your shards at increments of 1-5% with a maximum boost of 50%! They're obtainable via weekly & monthly crates, so if you’ve felt your shard rolls have been unlucky draws in the past, now you can finally turn them into a coin-flip!

Begin with an un-augmented Immortal Shard and stack up Boosters on it to increase your chances.

Default I-Shard:



Boosted I-Shard:


Better chances, and hopefully a better overall experience. Please enjoy!​


Tis' the season to loiter about with other monsters in these...​
I just want to mention that I have seen some AMAZING builds for this months build event competition. Considering these builds are going to be used on our production servers as actual public server builds, I would like to take the time to extend the build contest for November. This way we can make sure that we are obtaining quality builds for all worlds.


That being said, beyond the build event being moved until the end of November, I would like to add that if you take the time to create more builds for other worlds / islands, although not possibly one you play on, I will go ahead and increase the quality of your prize on your main island if you are deemed a winner of this event.

So those of you who have made an amazing build on your main, and wish to contribute more builds for the other worlds -- please know that if you win a placement, and have made multiple builds for other islands, you will get MORE rewards on your main or server of choice.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted builds so far!

I will allow you to build your separate island themed dropzones on your main world. I understand how limited resources are and it will be easier for you guys to produce beautiful works of art if you have the blocks to build with!

The original event details are here:
This Halloween season, a full moon has risen and a new I-kit has clamored out of the sewers…

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
During this event some warzone chests will be replaced by Jack o'Lanterns. Players will be able to break these lanterns in order to receive “Trick or Treat Tokens”. Once broken these lanterns will revert to lootable warzone chests.

Depending on the Storm Gem triggered, different percentages of the chests will be replaced by Jack o'Lanterns. Storm Gems will replace a small portion of chests, Super Storm Gems will replace over half of chests & Acid Storm Gems will replace a majority of the chests with Jack o'Lanterns.

Each shopkeeper within the market will...