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Lots of content for you guys today!

The Nourish enchantment joins our assortment of custom enchantments! Nourish provides an advantage while in combat with both players and mobs... the worry of losing hunger!


When you take damage, you'll be given a temporary saturation boost to make sure you're kept fed. Your attacker also has a small chance to receive Hunger Poisoning, depending on the level of the enchantment.


Nourish can be found on our new Flower Immortal Kit (gotta celebrate Spring!), and will be added to Enchantment Crates in the coming days. Check out Flower on our shop: Savage Games | Welcome

We've made some changes to how the Mining World works! This should increase your payout, make it more fun for new players, and help us prepare for future additions.

Daily Leaderboard Challenge
The Mining World now has a Daily Leaderboard Challenge. As you earn points in the Mining World, your score on this leaderboard will increase. Like normal competitions, the top 10 players per day will be rewarded. This challenge resets every day at midnight, EST.


We'll be introducing more leaderboard challenges for other modes, as well as new rewards in the near future!

Mining World Lobby


The Mining World has a new lobby! Travel through the portal at spawn to be teleported here. While here, you can access your vault chest to store items, queue for a match, or spend Mining World tokens. You can also view the Top 10 players on the current daily leaderboard.

Our policy on some minecraft usernames is changing.

If we believe your username is spammy (e.g, excessive symbols, letters, etc.) or inappropriate, your ability to chat or use some messaging commands may be disabled. This process is automatic and not controlled by our staff team.

You are welcome to keep your username if it is spammy, but to regain chatting ability you will need to change it to a less spammy name. (Repeating a single character 5 or more times in usernames is considered spam.)

This change will take effect over the next 24 hours.

Thank you!

The Skybounds Network expands once again... this time we bring you the Cartoon World!


Cartoon comes with a brand new warzone to explore, outposts, chests, and much much more! You'll also see some new schematics on both the premium and basic islands.


Access our new world by clicking on the brand new icon in your hot bar in the hub, between Money Wars and Ancient Islands.

A core feature that's been with us since the beginning has finally received some love. We thought it was more than time for a redesign of our Challenges Menu. It's very easy to use still, here are a few screenshots:


  • The XP bottle, like before, still shows your current XP, level, and the XP remaining to level up.
  • If you're level 50, the icon to allow you to prestige will appear, represented by a diamond block.
  • The minecart at the top right will bring you to your Skybounds Rewards, as before.
  • Your campaign challenge is now front and center, with the glass in the middle acting as a progress meter to your reward on the right.
  • If you're on a "Special Quest", (vault, enchanting, etc.), your progress and goal for completing it will be represented under your campaign. (Yes, you can now keep doing your campaigns while on a special quest now!)
  • Your Daily Challenges have been moved to the book at the bottom! Click the book to view them.
  • The Bookcase will still be your challenge selector.
  • The Bonus XP Menu has been moved to the nether star.
  • But wait... what's the golden apple for...?

Daily challenges are shown the same way as your campaigns now,...

We have another event for you guys!

This update includes content for our 2017 Easter Event! During this event, you'll be hunting around the warzone to collect Easter Eggs, which can be traded for exclusive tools and gear!


Easter Eggs can be collected from bunnies within the warzone. When you find one, just right click it to be given your daily egg from it! Bunnies will move around every so often and will give you 1 egg per day you talk to it. There are 20 bunnies in each warzone, which means you can collect 20 eggs per day.


Easter Eggs you collect can be traded with the Easter Bunny until April 28th, 2017. Easter Eggs can buy you unique items and gear only sold by the bunny. (Rabbit spawners to armor sets that spawn carrots as you walk!)


Some of the items you can expect from the Easter Bunny...
  • Easter Excavator - Efficiency 4, Unbreaking 4, Fortune 5 Diamond Pickaxe that has a chance to drop spawn eggs from ores you mine!
  • Easter Eliminator - Sharpness 5, Unbreaking 5, Bloodsuck 5, Confetti 6, Shade 6 Diamond Sword with +1 permanent enchant slot.
  • Easter Elixir - A potion that grants 5 minutes of movement buffs.
  • Easter Set - Protection 4, Unbreaking 10 White Leather armor. Grants permanent jump boost while worn (stacks up to jump boost 4), as well as gives Speed 3 for 30s when you're attacked. You'll have the added bonus of dropping carrots as you run around as well.
+more! You'll be able to start collecting Easter Eggs on April 14th, 2017, on Easter! Happy hunting!

A new free kit has been added to the Duel Arenas. The "Boxer" kit gives all players a single item to...

PvE! Attacking! Fighting! Woo!
This week's update is a bit smaller as we prepare for next week, but we felt like it'd be worth teasing at what's to come.

The Mob Arena extends on The Arena that was introduced last week. This new mode will allow you to fight hordes of monsters that want nothing more than to tear you limb from limb... exciting huh?


Mob Arenas can be shown by clicking the new button at the bottom of the Brawl Master interface, then by selecting the arena instance to join. To start with we have Coliseum, which plays in Survival Mode.

Survival Mode
  • Provided Gear: None - you bring what you want to use.
  • Entry Cost: Free - Limited to 3 games every 2 hours.
  • Objective: Survive as long as possible. The longer you last, the more Tokens you'll earn.
  • Waves: Endless
In Survival Mode, you'll fight hordes of monsters that get progressively more difficult the longer you last. You'll bring your own gear with you into the arena, so it's up to you to build a loadout that works best for what you ned it for. Every 5 waves, you'll face a mini-boss who has extra health, abilities, and gear.

How long can you last?

Adventure Mode [COMING SOON]
  • Provided Gear: Selectable kits
  • Entry Cost: Free - Limited to 1 game per hour.
  • Objective: Survive as long as possible. Use Score you earn throughout the match to upgrade your gear.
  • Waves: Endless
In Adventure Mode, you'll start with underpowered gear that gets progressively better as you spend Score to improve it. Like Survival Mode, you'll want to last as long as possible, however, the rewards and payouts for this mode are far greater....

"Gladiator" would have been a good name for the /ikit, missed opportunities, really.

The Arena
is a new, highly competitive way to battle your friends and foes in Skybounds. We're releasing an early version of it in Beta, but we have lots of plans and ideas for new features using it in the future.

What's The Arena?
In the arena, you have the ability to create matches that are solo (1v1) or team (up to 10v10) to participate in a sudden death fight. Arena matches are secluded from the normal warzone and use pre-defined, even, loadouts to ensure a balanced playing field for everyone. We think our hardcore PVP'ers are going to love it.

Entering the Arena
To enter the arena, use /arena in a PVP-free area or speak to the Brawl Master in spawn.


If you speak to the Brawl Master alone, you will see available Solo Arenas to participate in. If you speak to him while in a Party (discussed in detail later), then you will be shown Team-based arenas.


For the initial launch, we are testing with a low amount of arenas (3 solo and 2 teams) to better allow us to take feedback into consideration. If you like what you see, we will open more areas for more matches at once.

Creating a Match
To create a new match, select the arena you'd like to play either solo or in a party. You will be brought to the Arena setup screen.


The middle icons allow you to select the Arena Kit. All players who participate in your match will receive the same tools and gear, regardless of whether or not they personally have the kit unlocked.

At the bottom, you can configure the Match Wager. The wager must be paid by all players who participate in the...

We're happy to introduce another Long Requested Feature! Player Shops will unlock a brand new way to make money in Skybounds, by having your own market on your own islands.


Purchase Shopkeeper Eggs from The Banker in all Skybounds markets. Consider it an investment into future profit. Each Shopkeeper Egg can spawn a single shopkeeper on your island, and each shopkeeper can sell up to 28 items.

When you find a suitable spot to put your shopkeeper, just right click!


Next, place down a chest anywhere on your island. This Chest will serve as a means of stocking your shop. (We recommend locking it.)


When you assign a stock chest, you're ready to start selling items. Place as many items as you like in your stock chest, then go back to your shop and click the "Sell Item" button.

In this case, I chose to sell a Legendary Name Fragment for 1,000 Stars.


As the shop owner, you can view both revenue and total sales of specific items. You can also view the stock level. Should you need to restock an item, just place it into your stock chest. The shop will update live.

So what can I do with player shops?
  • Sell items automatically. As long as players can access your island (via /is browse or by being invited), they can use your shop.
  • Get 100% of your revenue. We take no cuts of your sales for using Player Shops.
  • View statistics on items you sell and revenue you collect.
  • Run casinos, sell rare and unique loot, or visualize crazy cool items you've found by setting a crazy high buy price.
Should you have multiple shops on your island, you can also rename them by sneak +...
This is a Copy and Translation into English from the Orignal Posting of ElderBanshee.
(i asked him if this Post of mine is ok)

So what do we need to get started ?

-Level 10 on the Servers to even start the Challenge
-an Entchantment Table

These two things are needed to even start the Challenge

First Quest
A Diamond Sword and 10 XP Level (XP is Player XP as shown in the Pic with the Green Bar)

Second Quest
A Diamond Sword with Fire Aspect and 5 XP Level. (This part is a bit tricky, you can only buy the Sword from another Player or from the Auctionhouse)

Third Quest
5 Player Heads and 10 XP Level. (At this point it is your Choice to even buy the Heads in the Auctionhouse, which i prefer cuz it is faster, or farm them in the Warzone)

Fourth Quest
An Enchanted Item with 10 Levels of Enchantments and 15 XP Level. (You only need a Piece that has 10 levels of Enchantments in TOTAL!! Example: Fortune 5 and Unbreaking 5 = 10, the Kombination doesnt matter, the Point is u need at least 10 "Levels" in Total)

Fifth Quest
A COMPLETE Diamond Armor Set with 3 Enchantments on it and 10 XP Level. (As easy here as in fourth Quest. EVERY Piece needs 3 Enchantments. Meant is Legs, Boots , Chest and Head. Example: Unbreaking - Protection - Fire Protection, thats 3, i recommend the Wizard Kit Armor for this)

When you have done all these 5 Quests you are ready to Enchant and Disentchant Gear like Weapons Tools and Armor. So have fun i hope it helped.
Da ich immer wieder gefragt werde wie die Enchant Challenge geht werde ich sie heute hier mal beschreiben. (Und so das es hoffentlich jeder verstehen kann).

Also was brauchen wir um die Challenge anzufangen ?

-Level 10 (um die Mission überhaupt zu starten)
-Einen Verzauberungstisch

Das sind die beiden Dinge die man zu Anfang braucht um die Challenge zu beginnen.

Erste Aufgabe:
Ein Diamant Schwert und 10 XP Level (mit XP Level sind die Spieler Level gemeint dazu ein kleines Bild )

Zweite Aufgabe:
Ein Diamant Schwert mit Fire Aspect und 5 XP Level. (Hier wird etwas kniffeliger, das verzauberte Schwert mit Fire Aspect kann man jetzt noch nicht enchanten sondern es musst gekauft werden von anderen Spielern oder dem Actionshaus)

Dritte Aufgabe:
5 Köpfe und 10 XP Level. (Auch hier kann man sich die Köpfe im Aktionshaus kaufen oder in der Warzone abfarmen, ich bevorzuge aber eher das Kaufen, weils schneller geht in meinen Augen.)

Vierte Aufgabe:
Ein verzauberter Gegenstand der Enchant level 10 hat und 15 XP Level. (Das hier werden nicht viele verstehen, ist aber total einfach - Damit ist ein Gegenstand gemeint der eine Verzaubung von 10 hat als kleines beispiel: Glück 5 und Haltbarkeit 5 ergibt 10, die Kombination ist egal hauptsache es wird das Level 10 erreicht!)

Fünfte Aufgabe:
Eine komplette Diamant rüstung mit 3 Verzauberungen und 10 XP Level. (Auch hier wieder ganz einfach JEDES Teil muss 3 Verzauberungen haben als beispiel: Haltbarkeit - Schutz - Feuerschutz, das sind 3 Stück, die Wizard Rüstung dafür ist zu empfehlen.)

Habt ihr die ganzen Aufgaben gemeistert, so könnt ihr ab sofort eure Sachen verzaubern mit Büchern oder Verzauberungen von Sachen entfernen.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! What better way to celebrate than with an update? Can't think of anything better myself, so let's get right into what's new for this week.
To help everyone level up even faster, we're now allowing you to play and complete your favorite challenges whenever you like!

Once you reach Level 25, you'll unlock this fancy new button:

From there, you'll then be asked to choose your desired difficulty. All of the challenges you have completed will be shown to you.


Challenges you've completed since this update will be remembered and accessible from this menu. You can also optionally unlock challenges instantly in exchange for Stars.


You can manually select a challenge to do every 4 hours (as long as you have a free challenge slot for it to go into!) and you can select the same challenge again every 3 days.

We hope this helps you grind out those levels! Speaking of which...

We've once again changed how Bonus XP works. We didn't feel like the current system was balanced in the way we wanted, so our new system encourages different styles of play to get your daily goal.


The Bonus XP Menu can be accessed by clicking the XP bottle in your Challenge Menu. We've split bonus XP into 3 categories:

  • General Tasks
  • Mining World
  • Bounty Hunting
The limits for the different categories are still rank-based, and are as follows...

General Tasks (Alchemy, enchanting, etc.)
  • Member: 100 XP
  • Ultra: 200 XP
  • Legend: 400 XP
  • Savage: 800 XP
Mining World
  • Member: 500 XP
  • Ultra:...