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We have another new thing for you guys! Who knew, on update day?

The Mining World* is a new way for you to earn Player XP and resources in a fun and brand new way. This new world allows batches of players inside for 20 minutes into a randomly generated world, filled with ores and resources.


The Mining World uses a sky world-like generator. Have a look:


To make navigation of this insane terrain easy, we give all players a Booster Rocket that will propel you in the direction your moving! Scale mountains and cliffs with ease.

Skill Points and Leveling
Normal item leveling is disabled within the mining world. Instead, you improve specific skills for your current Mining World game.

Gain Mining World XP from mining stone and ores, as well as killing other players.


Each time you level up, you will be awarded 1 Skill Point. Skill Points can be spent on either unlocking NEW skills or upgrading existing ones.

Skills are divided into 3 categories; Combat, Mining, and Misc.


Select a category to view the skills within it. Some skills may require unlocking others first, to achieve them.


Skills may have multiple tiers, making them better and better as you invest skill points into them. To see what a skill does, just mouse over it.


Every upgrade and unlock just costs 1 Skill Point.

Full List of Skills and Abilities for Release


  • Sharper Pickaxe (5 Tiers) - Adds Sharpness to your pickaxe.
  • Heavy Strike (3 Tiers) - Adds Knockback to...

Burn - Max Level 10
Durch die Verzauberung Burn auf der Rüstung ist es Möglich das der Gegner Feuer fängt. Je höher das Level, desto länger hält die Verbrennung.

Bunny Boost - Max Level 1
Durch die Verzauberung Bunny Boost bekommt ihr Sprungkraft.
Ein Rüstungsteil mit Bunny Boost - Sprungkraft 1
Zwei Rüstungsteile mit Bunny Boost - Sprungkraft 2
Drei Rüstungsteile mit Bunny Boost - Sprungkraft 3
Vier Rüstungsteile mit Bunny Boost - Sprungkraft 4

Evasion - Max Level 10
Die Verzauberung Evasion gibt euch die Möglichkeit einer Attacke komplett auszuweichen. Dadurch bekommt ihr dann keinen Schaden. Je höher das Level, desto eher weicht ihr aus.

Freeze - Max Level 10
Durch die Verzauberung Freeze ist es möglich die Gegner zu stunnen. Je höher das Level, desto länger hält der Stun und es erhöht die Wahrscheinlichkeit die Gegner zu stunnen.

Lucky - Max Level 10
Lucky hat Ähnlichkeiten mit der Verzauberung Evasion. Ihr habt mit dieser Verzauberung die Chance der Attacke eures Gegner auszuweichen UND es besteht die Chance das ihr den Schaden auf die Gegner in eurer nähe zu übertragen.

Nourish - Max Level 10
Sobald ihr Schaden bekommt, sorgt diese Verzauberung dafür das euer Gegner "hunger" bekommt, er verliert also schneller essen. Zudem bekommt ihr wenn ihr Schaden bekommt "Sättigung" dadurch wird euer Hunger automatisch aufgefüllt. Je höher die Verzauberung, desto länger hält der Effect.

Savior - Max Level 5
Diese Verzauberung soll euch vor dem Tod schützen. Sie tritt inkraft wenn ihr fast Tod seid.
Bei Level 1-2 bekommt ihr für kurze Zeit Regeneration die euch kurz vor dem Tod schützt.
Bei Level 3-4 bekommt ihr für kurze Zeit Regeneration die euch kurz vor dem Tod schützt, zudem werdet ihr für 3 Sekunden unverwundbar.
Bei Level 5 bekommt ihr für kurze Zeit Regeneration die euch kurz vor dem Tod schützt, zudem...
[​IMG] [​IMG]
It's that time again! That time to pull immortal kits from the store to make room for future ones. Once these kits are removed from the store, they will no longer be achievable through normal means!

These kits will cycle out:
  • TANK will be removed March 4th (Saturday)
  • ROBOT will be removed March 5th (Sunday)
If you don't yet have these kits unlocked, it'll never be a better time to try to get them other than right now. Until the dates listed above, save 10% with any purchase of these two immortal kits on any world.

Thank you, everyone, for your support, as usual! We'll see you again in 2 days for #UpdateDay. It'll be a good one. ;)


Q: I already have Tank/Robot unlocked! Do I keep it?

A: Yes! Once you unlock an immortal kit, you have it forever. No need to worry!

Q: I have a Tank/Robot Immortal Shard! Will it still work?
A: Yes! Your shard will be usable at any time. However, new shards will not be able to be purchased.

Q: Will it be possible AT ALL to obtain Tank or Robot shards after this date?
A: Yes, however, not from our store. These two immortal kits will still have a chance to pop up in-game from things like The Alchemist and the Skybounds Rewards NPC.

If you have any other questions, please let us know!
Das offizielle Savage Games Regelbuch
Servermechaniken/-fehler ausnutzen:
Sollte ein Weg finden mit der ihr eine Mechanik des Server order auch einen Fehler ausnutzen könnt, dann erwarten wir von unseren Spielern, dass diese Dinge nicht einfach zu ihrem Vorteil ausgenutzt werden. Versucht so viele Informationen wie möglich zu sammeln, die das Problem mit den Ausnutzungsmöglichkeiten und meldet diese umgehend im Forum, damit unsere Entwickler eine Möglichkeit haben diese zu beobachten und zu bewerten. Diejenigen, die von uns beim Ausnutzen erwischt können für immer vom Serverbetrieb ausgeschlossen werden (je nach Schwere der Tat).

*Meldet bitte sämtliche Ausnutzungsmöglichkeiten im "Bug-Report" Unterforum: HIER

Missbrauch des "/report"-Befehls:
Der Missbrauch des "/report"-Befehls ist strengstens verboten auf diesem Servernetzwerk. Sollte ein Mitglieder dieser Gemeinschaft dabei gesehen werden, wie sie den Befehl für etwas anderes benutzen, als einen Spieler zu melden, der wahrscheinlich gegen die Regeln verstoßen hat, wird für einen begrenzten Zeitraum vom Serverbetrieb ausgeschlossen.

Alle Spieler sind für die Sicherheit ihres Minecraftkontos verantwortlich. Sollte eine andere Person Zugriff auf eurer Konto erlangen (egal wie), seid ihr weiterhin verantwortlich für jegliche Dinge, die passieren, solange die fremden Personen Kontrolle darüber haben. Sollte euer Konto von einem anderen Spieler benutzt werden oder auch öffentlich mit anderen Individuen geteilt werden, jegliche Regeln, die dabei gebrochen werden bleiben bestehen. Das Kaufen/Verkaufen von Konten ist strengstens verboten, egal auf welchen Servermedien ihr euch befindet. Diejenigen, die dabei erwischt werden, wie versuchen ein Konto zu kaufen/verkaufen werden mit sofortiger Wirkung entfernt.

Werbung für fremde...
As most of you are aware, we work hard to provide the best experience you can have on the server. That being said, we are now asking for your assistance in order to continue doing so. Savage Games is home to many custom features from disenchanting, to salvaging weapons, tools and armor. As players who are actively involved in using these features on a daily basis, who better to go to when looking for suggestions on improving the performance of the servers game play mechanics.

Savage Games Mechanics List / Topics:
[x] Alchemy - Arcane dust, Enchantment book upgrades, Alchemizing, Arcane Shards.
[x] Enchanting - Enchantment slots, Disenchanting, Enchanting / Disenchanting costs.
[x] Blacksmith - Salvaging costs, rewards and results.
[x] Sorcerer - EXP conversions, Return rates, Arcane dust association.

We are looking to reach out to you all and see if we can obtain some feedback regarding buffing, nerfing and improving the overall quality of these features.

For those of you who are interested in further helping the community, please take the time to get back to us regarding your input. In detail please explain to us what exactly it is would you all like to see changed and why. Even if it is a simple as selecting a...

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you've had a good week. We have some new stuff we'd like to introduce, as well as some changes to existing mechanics that we think you'll enjoy.
Once again, we're increasing the player level cap. We're bumping it straight up to 50 from 35, but this time, there's more to this change than just a higher number.

XP Scaling Changes
We've adjusted the scaling for the required XP from levels 25+. This new scaling algorithm will make it much easier to level up faster at earlier levels and puts most of the grind in levels 40+.

if you have enough XP in your current level to put you over to the next level, you'll automatically level up the next time you play.

Purchasable Challenge XP
Challenge experience can now be purchased from the Money Wars Token Shop in all Skybounds servers at a rate of 150 Challenge XP for 500 MoneyWars Tokens.


NEW: Bonus XP
Bonus XP is a brand new way to gain XP besides completing challenges. Whenever you complete special actions around the server, you'll receive challenge XP related to the task you just completed. You can earn Bonus XP through the following tasks:​
  • Enchanting using high-level books
  • Disenchanting items
  • Soulbinding items
  • Bottling experience
  • Alchemizing shards
  • Killing bountied players
You can earn up to 500 Bonus XP per day (20 hours), and more actions that award it will be added in the future.

NOTE: The addition of BONUS XP will replace the previously used BOUNTY XP REWARDS. You will still earn XP from killing bountied players, it will now just share a pool with other bonus rewards.


To clear up some confusion, this post is being made so we can clarify what makes a screenshot valid evidence in a report.

We need screenshots of the full Minecraft screen instead of cropped photos.

These are easy to take by pressing either:
F2 for PC
Fn + F2 for Macs and some other keyboards.



Why do we ask for full screenshots?
Because chat messages are easy to fake! We need 100% of the screen, and we want to make sure you aren't hacking or rule-breaking as well!
(Some of you can be cheeky!)

How do I find my screenshots?
If you need more information on how to take and find your screenshots
Follow this Official Minecraft Wiki Link!

Screenshot – Official Minecraft Wiki

Please private message @ElPollo if you believe something needs to be added to this post!

Turq remember to adjust this line of text to be a really witty slogan somehow relating to this update. -Future Turq
Once again, we're expanding our network! The Ancient Islands join the galaxy of Skybounds worlds today bringing 300 more player slots with it. Have a look at it, it's pretty neat!



Premium Island Template

This new world can be accessed by clicking the newly created hot bar icon next to The Nice Islands. Enjoy!

ORB OF DIMENSIONS NOTICE: The Orb of Dimensions will not be available in this world until Monday, February 27th. You can send items from this world, but not retrieve them here until then.

We're happy to announce a long-wanted feature as well... player/bank vaults! Vaults act like ender chests, and allow you to access items from any Bank Chest around the server, or by using the /vault command* (Savage+).

Getting a Bank Vault

To get your own bank vault, speak to the Banker NPC in the Skybounds market. You'll need to be Player Level 15 to do this!


Once you speak with him, you'll be asked to begin the Bank Vault Challenge. Similar to the enchanting challenge, you'll need to complete his set of requests before you unlock your new vault. Upon completion, you'll unlock access to all vault chests on the server, forever!

As mentioned earlier, you can access vaults by using the /vault command* (Savage+), or by using vault chests in the spawn, market, and outposts across all worlds!


When you...

So… headlines are reading that my channel is dead. By headlines I am referring to the top comments, and by top comments I mean whatever is left after the “sub to my channel” and “like for good luck fam” comments. I’m looking for someone who can help me turn that around!

Please understand this position is a real job with requirements, deadlines and goals:

  • Deep understanding of Minecraft
  • Deep understanding of Minecraft Mods and Servers (not development necessarily but certainly configuration/setup)
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Ability to think creatively and design unique video recording “setups” (pulling maps, mods, plugins etc. together in a way that makes the video content easy and fun for both the YouTuber and the viewer)
  • Preferably at least 18 years old
Ultimately, I am looking for someone who can think up and setup custom recording environments daily. I need someone who has the know-how, experience and creative will to make this happen! It may sound over the top, but honestly a lot of people struggle with this – including myself. At this stage I am a little burnt out of Minecraft – courtesy of playing it for over 7 years and having all my close friends lose interest in recording Minecraft (or with me), and I don’t have the time to commit to constantly think of new ideas to put into action.

  • You’re a YouTuber or aspire to start a career creating gaming/Minecraft content! If this is you then you might just find yourself also being my new full-time recording buddy – more on this if that’s the case!
  • Graphic design and video production skills

To be determined, however, this will very likely be a full-time job – talking real money not just a few hundred per month!

To apply please reach out via email to --
mydeadchannel (AT) gmail.com
I hope everyone had a good weekend!

This post is a follow-up announcement that I mentioned in Friday's changelog. (If you haven't seen Friday's update, make sure to go check it out first, it was pretty neat!)

About a month ago, we posted a job opening for a Developer position with Savage Games. Today, I'd like to update you on why that was.

Project APOLLO will be a new anti-cheat system developed by Savage Games.

Thanks to your support, we're able to reinvest into you guys to improve the combat and play experience on Skybounds, Money Wars, and future Savage Games content. APOLLO is being developed to be unnoticeable to legitimate players. In fact, it's doing its job if you as a normal player never know it exists. The end goal is to make bans that are silent and swift against players that are ruining the game for others, so you can go back to enjoying it.

I'll let @ItsErikR (Lead of Project APOLLO) explain the project in his own words: