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Eternal Shard Boss Buff
Eternal Shards are the top most desired item to be obtained when it comes to the SkyBounds community. As many of you know, Eternal Shards are typically only obtainable through prestiging on the server or through various Savage Games events. However, with our recent update, you may now obtain Eternal Shards through Boss Battles.

How an Eternal Shard works, is very similar to the mechanics of an Immortal Shard. Once you are located at your island, you may right click to us an Eternal Shard. The Eternal Shard then rolls through all available kits that the user does not have unlocked, in the end resulting in a permanently unlocked kit for you to keep and use! Who wouldn't want to get their hands on this shard, it's truly worth getting!

So you may be asking, how was the Eternal Shard buffed? When you summon a Boss and successfully beat it, you will now have a chance at obtaining an Eternal Shard in replace of a Boss Crystal. Boss Crystals are commonly rewarded to players who defeat bosses, which gives you access to a Boss Key that you may use to roll for various prizes. However, now, instead of going through the process of hoping that you get something spectacular, YOU COULD POTENTIALLY GET A GREAT PRIZE IMMEDIATELY!

Bosses are the first piece of content dedicated to endgame players and will most definitely not be the last! More Bosses will be showing up around the worlds of SkyBounds, so I highly suggest you keep an eye out and in the mean time stock up on your much needed gear! The more bosses to arrive, the more epic gear to discover! Grab your friends, or maybe even your frienemies and let the battles begin!

If you would like to read more about our recent update, you can check out the changelog here:
SkyBounds Bosses, Weekly Rewards and Viewable Kit...

Last week the Savage Games team brought you Multi and Single combat zones, this week we are bringing you 'Boss Combat Zones'. Just like the multi and single combat regions that were introduced last week, you will now be able to find boss specific islands out in the Warzone too. Along side Boss regions, you will now be able to officially access your weekly rewards!



The first boss that will be introduced this week is the Arcane Golem. On his off days, you can usually find this majestic creature out in the fields passing glances with a local Villager or handing out roses to it's beloved. However, if one is to disturb him, you can expect much more than a hug.

Arcane Golems are fierce and strong. Do you feel you have what it takes to challenge him and win? Those who wish to attempt to defeat the Arcane Golem must first obtain the Arcane Golem Boss Egg. Once you have successfully acquired such a marvelous treasure, you can then proceed to find the restricted islands in which the egg can be successfully used on. Keep in mind, that you may only summon the beast on the islands specifically made for the bosses which are located far out in the depths of the worlds borders. Boss related islands can be distinguished by a symbol that over looks the island from above.



Boss eggs will be obtainable only in the Savage Games store: Savage Games | Welcome
Once you have received your Arcane Golem Boss Egg, you may travel out to the designated islands where the eggs can be used. When you arrive, you may summon the Golem and fight...​
Hey Skybounds players!

It has come to our attention that there are numerous fake giveaways going around via in-game PM, Discord, and forum PMs. These giveaways request you to click a suspicious URL in exchange for entry to the giveaway.

Do not click these URLs, or provide any information.

If you are sent this link in-game or on the forums, take a screenshot and file a player report or notify a moderator immediately.

If you are sent this link in Discord, block the user by right clicking their name and choosing Block.

We will never ask you for your account password, or for you to visit any URLs besides those hosted on "savage.games", "skybounds.com" or on social media.

Stay safe out there and avoid spooky links,
Savage Games Staff

Our artist is at Vidcon this week, so @Zora was put in charge of the artwork. It's been a very difficult time for us all.
Chaos Emeralds are a new timed powerup that can be discovered in warzone loot and from our shop.


While active, the entire warzone will enter Chaos Mode, (or multi-combat mode, but chaos mode sounds cooler) for the duration of the effect.


When triggered, you will be given a 30 second warmup before the effect goes live. Use this time to either prepare for the change or escape while you can.


While in the warzone, your sidebar will update to show the status and the time remaining before the effect expires. A server-wide broadcast will appear when Singlecombat regions are restored.


There is a 15 minute wait period between chaos emerald uses. Use them well!

Monthly Rewards have received a content buff for all 3 ranks! Here are the new prizes for each rank:




These new rewards will be available starting today, with more rewards coming as soon as next week!


We've heard your suggestions about adding voting rewards in the past, but realistically, voting really doesn't do anything. Nobody checks server lists for new servers to play on, so we wanted to reward you guys for doing what you already do... telling your friends!...

This is the biggest update Skybounds has ever received, and I'm going to need 3 cups of coffee to get through it.

Here we goooooooo!!!!
All of our changes begin with the hub, as always. Let's overview what's new.

Skybounds Rewards, now in the Hub

The Hub will now serve as the new home for the Skybounds rewards. When you right click the NPC, you'll be shown all of your pending rewards. When you talk to her, you will be asked to select your favorite server. Your favorite server will be the server your rewards are sent to.

You can change this at any time from the top icon.

Favorite Servers
On top of deciding where your items are sent, your Favorite Server will also be displayed prominently in the compass menu. You can change your favorite server quickly by right clicking any other server here, as well.


Accessing the Beta Islands
Access to The Beta Islands is as easy as clicking the server as you would in the past. Servers that have a beta version will prompt you which version to join, the release being on the left and the beta is on the right.

It's important to note that many of these features discussed below will not be found on the beta islands.


Beta servers work like the original, 50 slots are reserved for premium players, while the rest are available to all.

The release of Steampunk and Prehistoric is being postponed until tomorrow, June 18th....
We will be taking the network OFFLINE at 4 PM EST to make the transition to release. During this time, all parts of Savage Games will be completely inaccessible.

We will come back online tomorrow afternoon/evening as soon as we feel the network is 100% set to go. An update changelog will go live tomorrow with everything/changed that you can expect to look out for.

Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to keep up with the latest news.

See you all in release!
Two posts in one day? What is this madness!?

This post is to let you all know of a change you can expect to see in all Skybounds warzones starting this Friday. Warzones will soon be divided into two different modes, dubbed Singlecombat and Multicombat zones.

Multicombat Zones are the current warzone fights you're used to. Nothing changes. Areas with a high chest /ore density will be multicombat zones.

This is the new one. Single Combat zones prevent team fighting. When you engage in combat with a player, only you can attack them, and only they can attack you. Fighting other players is disabled, as well as them fighting you.

This change is our attempt at reducing the amount of giant teams that saturate the warzones and make exploring the warzone a more fair and enjoyable experience.

All islands in the warzone will default to the new Singlecombat mode, while select islands will be Multicombat. You'll receive a notification when you enter an island that's a different mode, and your sidebar will also reflect the mode of where you currently are.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

You are freely able to travel between modes while in combat, but as always, you are not able to return to the safety of spawn or an outpost while fighting someone.

This change, as well as many others, are rolling out with this Friday's REBALANCE UPDATE. Can't wait for you to see them all. :)

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