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This week in Skybounds, we’re bringing you a ranked combat update!

When first entering the Warzone this week, you’ll be tasked with completing 15 fights (win or lose).

Based on your win ratio from your first 15 fights, you will be assigned your "combat level". Players will only be able to engage in combat if they are within 100 combat levels of each other.


If players are within combat level range of each other, their name-plates will appear green in the warzone and their levels will be displayed below them (Showing levels can be disabled if you like!). If players are outside of combat rank range of each other, their name-plates will appear as red and will display [High Level] or [Low Level] respectively. (If you don't want to see other player's levels, you can always turn off their visibility in the toggles menu.)


For every bout you take part in you’ll either gain or lose levels accordingly, with the amounts scaling dependent on the level difference of the two participants. Winning fights will raise your combat level and losing fights will result in a drop in combat level.


Alongside our combat updates, we also have some modifications to kill-tracking....

Message from Devon/Turqmelon:

It has officially been 1 year since we launched Skybounds to the public, last November. Pretty crazy, huh?
Skybounds was originally developed as a prototype. We wanted to make a Skyblock server as part of a network of many other small gametypes.

Originally, we had planned to halt development on the project entirely after about a month... but then interest exploded.
We expanded from what was only meant to be one server (TFI!) to two, then three, then four. We kept expanding to ensure we had room for everyone to play.

Thanks to you guys, the community, we've grown to become and maintain our position as the largest skyblock-only server in Minecraft, and that's an incredible title that we're proud to flaunt. Some quick numbers to go over, just for the fun of it.

In the 1 year Skybounds has existed we've had... ... 900,000 Unique Players .. with 650,000 Islands ... and an average of 1,800 online players ... with the ability to stay online thanks to our premium players and donators.

A special shout-out to our entire staff team. The Developers, Head Admins, Admins, Mods, Trial Mods and QA that work tirelessly to ensure the community remains to be safe and fun. Oh, and Lauren | Gnoxal | Zora who works way more than she should.

We have a very special announcement for you all coming in the next couple weeks about the next major release from Savage Games. It's something we've been working on since the summer, and we think it's going to evolve what people think Minecraft servers are capable of all over again. Here's to another year, and thank you again.

Onto this week's update:

This week in Skybounds we have lot of improvements towards islands and other bits too!...​