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Looking for a less competitive and more Co-operative mode, but not the biggest fan of Colosseum battles?

We've been digging away at a new experience with this week's new PVE adaptation of the Mining World Arena!​

Work alongside your queue-mates in a team experience where the spoils are shared and the benefits of keeping your team-mates alive far outweigh the experience of watching them be overrun by horrendous enemy hoards, although you can always do that too.​

Introduced with this mode is the Meteor Guide, a nifty tool that will point itself towards the nearest hunk of space matter whenever they fall among the sky isles.


Be careful when navigating or digging, or have a friend watching your back, because whether you're looting a fallen meteor or navigating the depths of an island, danger will always be nearby. Lurking in the form of more dangerous and resilient mobs.

If you manage to stave off the oncoming threats for the 15 minute game, you'll garner nearly all your resources, as well as a portion of the communal pool! (Based on your contribution.) The player with the largest contribution at the end of the game will be awarded an artifact!

Leave early, and you'll forfeit most of your spoils!

If you're stuck as the last remnant of a party of members who fled or ended up dead, the game timer will be cut short, allowing a new queue to start with fresh and hopefully more prepared miners.

As time goes on in the round mobs will become progressively harder to deal with, make sure you and your party make the appropriate skill improvements before you're overwhelmed! Make sure to stick together, to help with this all players are spawned in a close vicinity at the beginning of the game. Moving as a...
Hello Everyone,

I'm writing to you all today in an attempt to gather some thoughts and opinions on improving SkyBounds. This can be anything from game mechanics, to general aesthetics (appearance) of things in game. Now I use the term improve, because we aren't using this post as a suggestion thread. Please keep suggestions for new game content for another day and help us to focus on how we can better what we already have. If you have a concern about something that you feel should be altered and that you feel would be beneficial for the server, please don't hesitate to respond below with as much detail as possible.

Dig deep into the abyss of what is SkyBounds and pull as much creative energy and ideas as you can from the depths of your soul. -- Fancy I know. In other words, please help the community by thinking thoroughly on behalf of what you feel needs improved!

Suggestions of things you can look into:
- Ways to improve game mode: Dropout, Mob Arena, Mining World, Duel Arenas, etc.
- Chat cool downs / restrictions as a member.
- Whats displayed on the side menu bar in different areas of SkyBounds and what could be added / altered to make it more beneficial / meaningful.
- Things in the Warzone that need fixed / improved / changed.
- How to make a specific menu GUI cleaner / organized, or more useful.
- Gear / Loot that may need adjusted.

.. and so on. Get creative, and get picky! Tell us what you feel needs fixed.

It may sound silly to look at such small things, but at the end of the day we really want to polish off the server and make it as best as it can be. No more lost items, no more undelivered rewards. It's your turn to speak, so speak up now!

Please attempt to keep this thread as spam free as possible. If you feel someones suggestion for a change is a good idea, click the "AGREE" reaction rating below their comment for us to see and review.

Thanks everyone and have a lovely rest of your day.
Look out everyone, there's a new arena mode dropping into Skybounds!



Drop-Out is a competitive 4-person free-for-all mini-game where players are given magical shovels that stain and destroy blocks in lines ahead of where they are facing. The objective of this game is to survive and force all of your opponents to fall off of the play platform 5 times.

Each player is assigned a random wool color prior to beginning the game.

At the beginning of the game all players are spawned into one corner of a 10 (length) x 10 (width) x 1 (depth) platform.

In this game-mode, all participants will have their ability to jump & damage others removed, but will be able to sprint without fatigue.

All players are given a shovel that will launch out grid-tracing projectiles (purely aesthetic) that alter all blocks in a straight line ahead of their position to their respective wool color. The alteration of blocks happens at a slight delay from each prior block, moving away from the player.

The shovel used will have a 1.5 second cool-down.

After the last present block ahead of the player has been colored, the blocks will be destroyed in a delayed order similar to how they were colored.

If a player falls into the pit below, they will be warped onto a glass platform above the arena and will have 3 seconds to break a panel below themselves and fall back to the play area below. Lingering on the glass platform will damage you otherwise.

Once a player has lost all their 5 hearts, they will be moved into the viewing area to watch the conclusion of the match. The matches are set to...