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Skybounds Content Update #1
Content Update 1
Hey everyone!
I'm very excited to announce the release of Content Update 1 for Skybounds! This is one of many Friday updates that we'll be releasing, and I'm very happy to introduce you to our new features.

Let's summarize what's new...

More Room for Players
We've expanded slots for free players by 25, bringing our total up to 275. We plan for MUCH more expansion in the future, but as we're still in beta, we want to keep growth limited. Thank you all for the support and we hope to have space for EVERYONE in the coming weeks. :)

More Challenges
More campaign and daily challenges have been added to the mix. We'll be happy to compliment these additional challenges with more Level Up rewards coming next week as well.

Introducing: Orb of Flights
An Orb of Flight grants all visitors and members of your island the ability to fly for the time stated on the orb. Currently the only way to receive this item is from our new /kit flight kit, but we plan to make this unlockable in other means in the future as well.

New Kits!
New kits have been added to our shop!
  • /kit Flight - Includes an Orb of Flight that grants island fly power for 1 hour. Usable every 24 hours.
  • /kit Wool, /kit Glass, and /kit Clay - For the builders on the server. Each usable every 48 hours.
  • /kit Summoner - Includes a handful of mob spawner eggs.
You can grab these new kits from our shop.

Various New Commands
Hey everyone!

My name is Jacob or in game as MoreBaconPlz. I have been trying my best to answer all questions. The main one I've noticed is how to sell things, or find and use the market in general. In response to this I've created a short tutorial video on how to use the market. Hopefully this helps everyone out!


Have fun on the server everyone!