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Skybounds has a new face in the Market on both servers... and he's very loud! We'd like to welcome aboard The Auctioneer! Let's get right into this update before he starts yelling over me about an upcoming listing...


The Auction House
The Auction House is a new way to buy and sell items on the Skybounds server. It's entirely run by players (from pricing to time limits!) Visit the auction house by speaking to the Auctioneer in the Marketplace of both Skybounds servers. You can also interact with the Auction House by using /ah anywhere you're in a PVP-free area.

Browsing Items
When you view the auction house (/ah v, for short), you'll see a list of all items currently listed by players. Across the bottom you can sort the listings by All Auctions, Auctions I'm Winning, and Auctions I've Posted. Left Click any item to view details about it (quick bidding, custom bidding, and buying it now.) Right Click any item to quick-bid on it for the price shown.

Auctions ending first will be shown first!

Selling Items
To list an item for auction, use /ah sell <Starting BId> [Time] [Buy It Now] while holding the item you'd list to sell.
  • <Starting Bid> is the price the bidding starts at. Type 1000 to require the first bid to be at least that. All bids are in minimum increments of 25 stars.
  • [Time] is optional. If you leave this out, your auction will end after 3 minutes. Legend+ players can list their auctions for up to 1 hour, while everyone else can list for up to 10 minutes.
  • [Buy it Now] is also optional. If left out, people MUST bid on the item to win it. If specified, someone can pay the buy price to get the item instantly, ending the auction right away.

Our explorers have discovered a new, never-before-seen area of Skybounds. This new area has magic, essence, and strange energy flowing throughout it. We're pleased to invite the bravest adventurers to explore and uncover our new world:

Welcome to The Magic Islands

The Magic Islands is our first ever server expansion to help handle the demand we've been receiving from our community! Let's get right into this update. :)


The Skybounds Hub - The new center of our server.

When connecting to Skybounds from now on, you'll be routed through the Hub. This area will be the central point for all Skybounds servers in the future. To join The First Islands, click the first item in your hot bar. All of your stuff is still there, and won't be going anywhere. Those that want to explore the new world can do so by clicking The Magic Islands.


More slots for More Players

With our new hub system, it'll be easier for us to expand to accommodate more players. Each of our Skybounds servers has 300 slots for players, plus an extra 200 for our hub as a waiting lobby.


A New Warzone to Explore

With a new server comes a brand new warzone to explore. Over 30 new islands, 4 new outposts, and hundreds of chests and ores to discover.


What data transfers between servers?
Just ranks. Kits, islands, Stars, and other unlockables are otherwise per-server. If you join The Magic Islands you'll be experiencing the server just as a new player would.


Happy Friday!

Just wanted to get that out of the way right off the bat! To celebrate the start of this fantastic weekend, we have another amazing Content Update for you! This week, we've focused on improving the experience in The Warzone, to make it both more dangerous AND more rewarding!

Let's get right into it!

Meet the Tele-Wizard


The Tele-Wizard is here to help you navigate the Warzone! For a small fee of 500 Stars, he'll teleport you randomly into the dangerous lands.


If you manage to make it to a PVP-free area on your warzone expedition, you can use the /warzone command to warp randomly once more. There is no telling where he's going to take you, and it might not be the destination you had in mind...

Speaking of the warzone...

Now Discoverable: Sky Chests

If you weren't motivated enough to enter the Warzone before, Sky Chests may just be what you need!

Sky Chests restock twice every day, and can contain unique, rare, and never-before-seen loot! If you're lucky enough to discover a Storm Generator, you can gain the ability to restock chests on command, as well as discover some of the best loot the chests have to offer for yourself...

Now Unlockable: IMMORTAL Shards
Immortal Shards
are a new type of item that grants access to rare and unique kits. These new type of shards can be discovered throughout the Warzone, or purchased from our...
The [Unofficial] Approved Mods thread has since been looked over by the staff and a few changes have been made. Due to the Modifications we've selected giving an advantage over other players, we have since decided to remove them from the approved / allowed list. If you, or anyone you know, is using one of the Mods listed below, please remove and/or ask them to remove said Mod before joining the server. Anyone found using these illegal Mods will be punished accordingly.

- Better Sprint
- Toggle Sneak

Link to the approved Mods List for SkyBounds: Skybounds - Approved Mods
The Savage Games official Discord server is now live to the public! For those of you who are unfamiliar with Discord; it's a text and vocal chat server that allows the Savage Games community to socialize among ourselves. Having problems with the server, or forums? Hop onto the discord and contact a staff member for assistance. Want to simply hang out and make new friends? Join the discord channel and start talking. It's as easy as that!

The link to access the Savage Games discord is: https://discord.gg/SX6QP9a
Please feel free to invite your friends and share the link!

Just a quick reminder, currently Discord has limited ranks/roles. These roles include; 'Owner, Admin, Moderator, Helper and Blackshore'. Donation ranks are not implemented at this time, so please do not ask. Please remember to be respectful, for the same rules for the server/forums apply here. Those found to break or abuse said rules, will be removed from the discord server accordingly.

Have fun and I can't wait to see you all online!
Just a quick announcement to let you all know that we have officially opened up a public Savage Games Plug.DJ! Want to play and/or listen to music while on the server? Maybe meet new people and just hang out? Come join us on PLUG.DJ for a good time!

We love content creators and want to work on making a great experience for you!

Our VIP rank offers the following benefits to creators:
  • Access to all perks of our premium ranks
  • Access to disguising the name over your head
  • Access to all kits in our arcade games (Money Wars, etc.)
  • Access to a special VIP-only Discord channel on our public server, where you can speak to the staff and developers directly. (Talk to a staff member to receive the VIP role in Discord.)
To qualify for VIP rank, you must meet one or more of these requirements:
  • 25,000 Subscribers and post Savage Games content actively
  • 5,000 views per video and post Savage Games content actively
  • Friend with a Savage Games developer or owner
To obtain the Blackshore rank you must be a Blackshore partner. Learn more...

If you meet the qualifications for VIP, please make a post in Help & Support with your channel details.

VIPs are NOT above our rules. If you are found breaking them or receive excessive warnings for behavior from our staff team, you will be stripped of your benefits/rank and be unable to apply for it again.

Thank you!
Donors can now display their ranks on the forums!

You can now link your forum account with your minecraft account to get your rank on the forums! ...and it's really easy to do!

  1. Visit your Personal Details and enter your Minecraft name where it says "Minecraft Username".
  2. Join any Skybounds and type the command /link <Your Email Address>.
That's it! Your rank will now show up next to your posts here. If you have any questions, post in Help & Support.
Skybounds Content Update #1
Content Update 1
Hey everyone!
I'm very excited to announce the release of Content Update 1 for Skybounds! This is one of many Friday updates that we'll be releasing, and I'm very happy to introduce you to our new features.

Let's summarize what's new...

More Room for Players
We've expanded slots for free players by 25, bringing our total up to 275. We plan for MUCH more expansion in the future, but as we're still in beta, we want to keep growth limited. Thank you all for the support and we hope to have space for EVERYONE in the coming weeks. :)

More Challenges
More campaign and daily challenges have been added to the mix. We'll be happy to compliment these additional challenges with more Level Up rewards coming next week as well.

Introducing: Orb of Flights
An Orb of Flight grants all visitors and members of your island the ability to fly for the time stated on the orb. Currently the only way to receive this item is from our new /kit flight kit, but we plan to make this unlockable in other means in the future as well.

New Kits!
New kits have been added to our shop!
  • /kit Flight - Includes an Orb of Flight that grants island fly power for 1 hour. Usable every 24 hours.
  • /kit Wool, /kit Glass, and /kit Clay - For the builders on the server. Each usable every 48 hours.
  • /kit Summoner - Includes a handful of mob spawner eggs.
You can grab these new kits from our shop.

Various New Commands
Hey everyone!

My name is Jacob or in game as MoreBaconPlz. I have been trying my best to answer all questions. The main one I've noticed is how to sell things, or find and use the market in general. In response to this I've created a short tutorial video on how to use the market. Hopefully this helps everyone out!


Have fun on the server everyone!