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Skybounds The Alchemy Update

Rows and rows of useless enchantment books... no more!

Alchemy gives a new use to Enchantment Books that may just be sitting around taking up space... let's get into this brand new mechanic.

Alchemy can be accessed by speaking to The Alchemist in all markets, or by using the /alchemy command.

Arcane Dust
Arcane Dust is the raw essence that makes up the magic within enchantment books. The better the enchantment book, the more dust it can contain.

There are 3 types of Arcane Dust:​
  1. Lesser Arcane Dust (Worth at least 1 Arcane)​
  2. Arcane Dust (Worth at least 25 Arcane)​
  3. Greater Arcane Dust (Worth at least 60 Arcane)​
When you turn an enchantment book to dust, the book will be destroyed and leave the enchanted remains in its place.

Upgrading Enchantment Books
When you receive Arcane Dust, you can use it to power up other enchantment books of your choice. Simply pick up the dust you'd like to use, and click it onto your enchantment book. The Arcane Power of the book will now appear.


When the Arcane Power of a book reaches 100%, bring it back to The Alchemist to alchemize it into the next level.


Once a book is ready to alchemize, you can continue to give it Arcane Dust to OVERLOAD the book. Overloading a book has no limit, and will improve the success rate of the book alchemizing into the next level.


This week we're happy to be bringing out a long-requested feature! This addition will open doors for even more content possibilities in the future, and we're only just scratching the surface right now.

NEW ISLAND FEATURE: Public Islands [Beta]
Public Islands have finally been added to Skybounds! When an island is set to public, it will appear in our new Island Browser (/is browse), and be accessible to all players (up to the online player limit.). This new setting can be changed using /is privacy.

To start with, all users who have Ultra or higher will be able to change their island privacy. We're testing the waters with this, and if it goes well, the perk will be unlockable by free players upon reaching a certain player level.

Players who visit your island when in public mode without being a member will have the following restrictions:
  • CANNOT break blocks
  • CANNOT build
  • CANNOT open doors, gates, trapdoors, or use redstone switches (pressure plates, levers, and buttons)
  • CANNOT open chests, furnaces, dispensers, or other containers (regardless of lock)
  • CANNOT use item frames, armor stands, or break paintings
  • CANNOT attack animals or monsters, or be targeted by them
  • CANNOT pickup items, except for those thrown by players (You can make trades with players, but can't steal drops from mob grinders, for example)
With this change, water and lava will also no longer flow into island spawn points. Water, Lava, and Fire placement is also restricted near visitors.

Players who are banned...
Official Savage Games Rules.

Abusing Exploits / Glitches:
If an exploit or glitch is found on any servers, we expect players to not use the exploit to their advantage. Please obtain as much information as possible regarding the problem and report any exploits / glitches you find immediately to the forums for Developer review. Those found abusing said exploits and/or glitches will be permanently removed from the server depending on the severity.

*Please post any Exploits / Glitches in the bug report section: Here

Abuse of /Report:
The abuse of /report is highly forbidden here on Savage Games. Any members of the server found using said command for anything other then reporting players who may be potentially breaking the rules, will be temporarily removed from the server.

Account Security:
All players are responsible for the security of their own Minecraft Accounts. If another person obtains access to your account by any means, you are still responsible for anything that occurs while they remain in control. If your account is accessed by another player, or openly shared with another individual, any rules broken under that account are final and the punishments issued will remain active. Buying and selling of accounts is strictly prohibited across all server platforms. Those found attempting to buy or sell an account will be removed.

Advertising Server Domains / IPs:
Advertising another servers Domain and/or IP Address on any Savage Games public servers, forums or discord will result in a permanent ban from the Network. Forms of advertising include, but are not limited to; Stating a servers domain / IP in general chat, renaming your island plot, posting signs, writing in books, etc.

Ban / Punishment Evading:
Anyone who was...
A news post before a Friday? What is this?!

I'm here to let you guys know that Savage Games is hiring for a part time developer! A new face on the team!

This development position is currently for a single project, but may evolve into a higher position depending on performance. The details of this project will be revealed at the time of hire.

Please keep in mind, this position is a real job that requires the items listed below.

  • Deep understanding of Minecraft behavior.
  • Deep understanding of spigot and its internals
  • At least 2 years of Java experience.
  • Ability to meet deadlines.
  • At least 18 years old.
  • Knowledge of data analytics and machine learning.

  • Knowledge of advanced mathematics (~Calc 2 level)
  • Obsession with keeping code clean and efficient
  • Love for gaming!
  • St. Petersburg FL area (We have an office! ...but working remotely is fine, too.)
The chosen candidate will also be asked to participate in a short tech interview that'll ensure that you have the skills we're looking for, as well as be able to sign a contract at the time of hire.

If you or someone you know is interested and meets the qualifications, please send me an email: b...@t...com (Click link to reveal email address.)

Thank you in advance, I look forward to working with you in the future!

Tis' the season to be jolly and what better way to do so then by hosting our first official Skybound's
build competition. You heard me correctly, Savage Games will be hosting a Winter themed island
build event this week!


Those looking to compete in the event will be given one week to free build on their island. However,
do keep in mind that this build competition does in fact have a theme, Winter. That being said, feel
free to get creative by expressing your definition of Winter. It can be anything from a simple snowy
terrain, to a full out Christmas scene!

When will it start:

The event will start Sunday, January 1st 2017 and end on Monday, January 8th 2017. That
gives everyone one full week to jot down ideas, obtain their building materials and make their
creations come to life!

  • You may enter the contest one time per world. That being said, you may build on all four of your islands, and submit said islands up to one time per world. This is perfect for those of you who may not want to trash a current island build, thus you can enter the contest via another world. That gives you up to four chances at winning! However, please keep in mind that if you win any place (3rd, 2nd or 1st) on one world, you will be exempt from winning again on another world.
  • Submissions must be presented via screen shots. No video's will be accepted, this is to give everyone a fair opportunity.
  • When submitting screen shots, the side...
Sadly, Santa has departed from Skybounds early this morning.
Those who unlocked rewards (including Immortal Kit Shards and the Holiday Hat!) can continue to enjoy the benefits forever. The quest and reward are no longer claimable as of 3AM this morning (EST).

This post is a quick reminder that our Holiday Sale is still active until TOMORROW NIGHT! And that the immortal kits that were removed (and that will soon be gone again!) are still available as well. So if you're looking to pick up any last minute items, now is the time to do so. :) Savage Games | Welcome

We hope everyone had a great holiday! The Savage Games team will be back in office starting this week, which means updates and new content are back to full throttle.

Thank you all for the continued support!


I'm saying that now so I don't feel bad about not saying it tomorrow. Nobody can be mad at me now! Let's get into the new stuff. :D
This update is smaller than what we usually do since the Savage Games team has been away, spending the holidays with family and friends! Our usual large content patches will resume next Friday, so for now, you'll need to settle for what we have below. ;)

A celebratory enchantment for the new year! Confetti gives an extra bonus to players you kill, by allowing them to drop various colors of confetti! What better way to celebrate the end of 2016?


Just right click a piece of confetti to reveal a random item! Confetti can contain spells, golden apples, various crates, and resource blocks! The higher the enchant level, the more Confetti you have a chance to receive with every kill. Go celebrate!

Blasters are a brand new weapon type you'll start seeing throughout the warzone. Each type of blaster fires a fast travelling projectile that can go through players, and deal AOE effects. Each blaster has it's own ammunition requirement and reload times, so be prepared!

With this update we're introducing 3 types of blasters:
  • COMBUSTER: Fires a volatile beam that explodes on impact, dealing damage and minor knockback to enemies in the blast. The Combuster is most powerful against low armored players at high distance, allowing you to keep hem at bay.
  • BLAST DRILL: Fires a high energy beam that pelts through enemy armor. The Blast...
READ THIS Approved Mod List.
Typically when you go to an approved third party modification thread, you'd see a list of Mods that are allowed to be used on the server. Quite frankly, there are far too many mods that exist for us to test and approve for you all. So that being said, we are going to keep our approved mods list simple and sweet.

Does the mod you are using give you an unfair advantage over other players?
(This also includes advantages that can be used via ones mouse and/or keyboard, such as macros).
If yes, don't use it.

Things are gonna get chilly, bring a jacket...
A new world way up North from our other warzones has been discovered. This world is filled with ice, snow, and lots of strange magic. Make sure to dress appropriately, otherwise things are gonna get cold. With this new world comes the usual brand new map, brand new outposts, and brand new market. Oh, and I guess 250 more players slots is cool too.

This new server is accessible from our hubs, just right click the new block next to your monsters icon!


The grind continues. Our maximum levels for player XP and item XP have been increased. These new caps will allow you to climb even higher on the /leveltop leaderboards, as well as unlock new abilities for you items.

  • STONE Unchanged, Max Level 5
  • IRON Unchanged, Max Level 10
  • DIAMOND Buffed, Max Level 20
  • BOWS can be levelled with higher accuracy and far distance shots. The better your aim, the more XP you'll earn. While there aren't any bow-specific abilities just yet, these level-ups will unlock more enchantment slots, like other items.
  • ARMOR can be levelled by taking damage. When you receive damage, your XP reward will be split amongst the gear you're wearing. While there aren't any armor-specific abilities yet, these level-ups will unlock more enchantment slots, like other items.
  • SHUFFLE (Axes, Active): Unlocks at level 20. When triggered, then next player you attack will have their hotbar...
Throughout your Skybounds adventures, you may come across some non-vanilla Enchantments on tools, weapons, and gear. Custom enchantments are one of many new features we've introduced to enhance the vanilla experience.

Discovering New Enchantments

New enchantments can be found as books in Warzone Chests or Ancient Runes, Legendary Relics, and Immortal Stones. Enchantments can also be obtained through disenchanting other items.

Enchantment Guide

Armor Enchantments

- Max Level: 10
Burn has a chance to inflict FIRE on attacking enemies. Every level increases the chance of infliction and the ignition time.

Evasion - Max Level: 10
Evasion gives you a chance to completely DODGE an attack. When you Dodge, the attack will completely miss. Higher levels offer a larger chance to dodge.

Freeze - Max Level: 10
Freeze has a chance to inflict STUN on attacking enemies. Every level increases the chance of infliction and the length of the effect.

Lucky - Max Level: 10
Lucky is similar to Evasion, but acts as bigger counter to teams in the warzone. When you're attacked, you have a chance to evade the damage completely and instead deal it to another nearby enemy player

Nourish -
Max level 10
When you take damage, you'll be given a temporary saturation boost to make sure you're kept fed. Your attacker also has a small chance to receive Hunger Poisoning, depending on the level of the enchantment.

- Max Level: 5
Savior will intervene when you're about to die and save you from such a fate. When it triggers, different effects will happen based on level:
  • Level 1 - 2 will provide Regeneration for a short time and save you from the fatal blow
  • Level 3 - 4 will provide Regeneration for a short time, save you from the fatal blow, and make you IMMUNE...