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A dangerous web has been woven amidst the sky isles, with it a new boss lurks in waiting!

The third boss hatching into Skybounds is the Arachnid Queen!
These royal spiders are a much more resilient species, a voracious and venomous variety born out of the depths of harsh cave environments. When food is scarce these spiders have been known to be cannibalistic, and after countless eras of development against their own kin, they’ve evolved into a super-predator to be reckoned with.​


When hatching an egg of this fearsome arachnid, you’ll be invoking its rage along with that of its kin. Come prepared to deal with the arachnid hordes, or you’ll find yourself amidst their unrelenting fangs.

Much like the other Skybounds Bosses, Arachnid Queen can be spawned only in the designated islands made for Bosses. The Boss has been added to the uncharged egg roster, as well as a slim chance to have its egg spawn in Warzone chests.


In order to hatch the treacherous Arachnid Queen, you will need to have the Boss Egg in hand and right click it to activate its confirmation memo. Once you’ve made certain you are ready for battle, right click the egg again to begin the countdown to the birth of a new Arachnid Queen. Make sure your party gives the egg a wide breadth, as this is not the sort of predator you want closing the gap between you....​
Two news posts back to back!?

Hey everyone! We have some followup news for you, this time concerning the BETA Worlds of Skybounds!

What are the beta islands?
If you're asking this, this post probably doesn't affect you! The BETA worlds on Skybounds are as Skybounds existed before June 15th, 2017. We considered this date our "transition to release", which which we rebalanced the kits, items, and mechanics of the server. Currently, these beta islands can be accessed from the server selector by clicking the clock in the lower right corner.

Why do you need to get rid of them?
The beta worlds are currently occupying valuable server space that we could use for other things. Community members that played on these servers as well have moved to the new worlds as well, leaving less than 10 active players per server on beta left. Savage Games has 2 major releases coming before the end of the year, and we'll need all the servers we can use.

So, what happens to the beta worlds?
The beta worlds will stop being accessible and joinable on November 1st, 2017. From then on, only the newer Skybounds worlds will be playable. As items, stars, and other game-mechanics of beta were what we did the "transition to release", for, these items will not be transferrable to the new world.

Players that have unlocked any immortal kits on the beta islands before September 30th, 2017 will find that they also have the kit on the new version of their island automatically.

Can I have my island? A copy of my friends' islands? I want my builds!
That's fine, and totally understandable! There are many tools available to allow you to download a copy of a Minecraft world, but due to the sheer amount of islands we have, we cannot offer world downloads publicly. Should you want a copy of your island, please download a copy of it using a mod like...