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Hello there! It's been a little while since I've done one of these change logs... so let's not delay any longer. Let's get right into what's new this week! Coming to SkyBounds are a lot of cool new features that a lot of you have been asking for. New ways to maneuver around the server through the use of commands has since been implemented, along with newly priced shop items! We are introducing an Immortal Kit this week as well, along side 27 new schematics that were brought to you by your fellow SkyBounds players!

The Void Market is a brand new category in the Savage Games Shop. (Savage Games | Welcome). The Void Market will contain high-value items that aren't necessarily "extras". This change will allow us to better organize content for future releases. You can access this section of the shop just as you would any other category. Visit the shop through the link provided above, locate the Void Market on the left hand side of the navigation and proceed from there.

New Mob Drops have been added across the board to many of the common animals and monsters you'll find in Skybounds. Your mob farms just got a lot more useful.
Creepers can now drop:
  • TNT
  • Combuster Blaster
  • Rupter Potion Recipes (Levels 1 - 3)
  • Creeper Spawner
  • Creeper Spawn Egg (1 - 5x)
  • Creeper Head
  • Gunpowder
Blazes can now drop:
  • Blaze Spawner
  • Blaze Spawn Egg (1 - 5x)
  • Blaze Rods
  • Enchanting XP Bottles (100 - 1,000XP)
  • Blaze Heads
Skeletons can now drop:
  • Enderbow
  • Everbloom Elixir Potion Recipe
  • Skeleton Spawner
  • Skeleton Head...


Update day is upon on us and although this may not be the most extensive change log, we are still bringing you some cool new features that we feel you all will enjoy. From new potion recipes, to a brand new openable, and even tutorial islands! Keep reading to learn more about these new SkyBounds features and maybe even check out our shop this weekend to take advantage of the 10% off store wide weekend sale!
Savage Games | Welcome

A handful of new potion recipes are coming to SkyBounds this week! These potions range from being helpful on your islands, to assisting you in the Warzone during PVP. These potions can be obtained through recipe books found out in the warzone, or even by using one of the new Recipe Library openables (more information below). For those of you who really enjoy gathering materials in order to craft new and exciting recipes, this update is definitely for you! Get your tools, gather some resources and brew on!

The Necro Potion can be used on your island only. With the throw of this potion, you can summon a horde of monsters in the blink of an eye! The range in which these monsters spawn, and the amount in which spawn varies depending on the strength of the pot!

The Arctic Potion will surely freeze you in your tracks! Ever wanted to simply turn your island into a full on snowy wonderland? Well now you can with the flick of your wrist. Toss one of these pots down and give your island a complete face lift!

Have you ever wanted to destroy a large area of...


Update day is upon us once more! Today we bring to you new custom features pertaining to Bosses, and how YOU now have a say in the outcome of your boss battle rewards. Our first ever corruption kit will be introduced, along with Kit Redemption Tokens! This last month we brought new game play mechanics to the Warzone through various types of Emeralds, and now we gave you the 'Kill Challenge Emerald' - a new way to play! Quality Assurance servers, sales and more!


Essence is here and is bringing a whole new level of Boss reward outcomes to the table! Not only do you need to compile a game plan for the Boss, but now your team mates too! Determining the outcome of your Boss Battle may have gotten a bit trickier. Do you wish to benefit your allies for all the hard work they've done, or take all the riches for yourself? You decide!

Currently there are two different types of Essence obtainable - Charming Essence and Corrupting Essence, however, more Essence will be coming to SkyBounds in the near future. Essence can be purchased in the donation store or even added onto your Boss Egg purchases for around $5.

Charming Essence: Increases the amount of players who will get rewarded from killing the boss.
Corrupting Essence: Lowers the amount of users who will get rewarded, but guarantees better rewards to those that do.


Essence can only be applied to fully charged Boss Eggs, thus any uncharged eggs will need to be taken to the alter and charged before Essence can take effect. Only one Essence can be applied per Boss Egg at this time. In order to apply the Essence, simply drag and drop the Essence onto your charged Boss Egg. The Essence...​