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Other Auction House item duplication again

Discussion in 'Bugs Archive' started by Hallideadly, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Hallideadly

    Hallideadly Tree Planter
    Savage Legend Ultra

    Dec 19, 2016
    +8 / 0 / -0
    at 1:15 p.m. (Jan,10,2017) i was selling 2 stacks of batbombs . first attempt i tried to sell each for 250k, they did not sell and were returned to me. During this time i mined smooth stone on my island.
    When i recieved the items back i again tried to sell each of them for 250k and then i continued to mine more. They did not sell again and were returned to me. This time i attempted to sell them again at 150k each. I then went back to mining mnore - got one immortal stone (yay).
    The batbombs failed to sell again and they were returned to me so i put them into a chest convinced that they would not sell. Next i typed /ah v just to see what was in the AH and low and behold the batbombs were in my drop box waiting for me to take them back. I took them and placed them in the chest. I then announced in public chat that they were duplicated. Simply to make notification of the event.

    During all of this i never left my island, and did not leave the vacinity of the smooth stone gen. I did nothing out of the ordinary, and i could not repeat the duplication - I tried for science to help you guys.

    This is the third time i have had item duplication in the AH, and i don't see a commanility between them, except that i was mining smooth stone each time. not sure how that changes anything, but it is the only common factor i have noticed. The items didn't duplicate until i removed them from my inventory and placed them in a chest.

    Sry Turq , i wish i could give you the details you need - but it happens so suddenly and randomly that i am not prepared for it, and thusly do not have the information you need.

    *still feel it is worth reporting to you.

    sincerely Hallideadly.
  2. Vin11

    Vin11 Dangerous Adventurer

    Jan 8, 2017
    +85 / 1 / -1
    I bear witness of seeing this glitch reported in the chat :P

    Maybe the immortal stone gave you two stacks of bat bombs? Otherwise, I'm guessing that a tick messed up causing it to dupe?

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