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Skybounds Custom Enchantments

Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by Turqmelon, Dec 18, 2016.

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    Oct 13, 2016
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    Throughout your Skybounds adventures, you may come across some non-vanilla Enchantments on tools, weapons, and gear. Custom enchantments are one of many new features we've introduced to enhance the vanilla experience.

    Discovering New Enchantments

    New enchantments can be found as books in Warzone Chests or Ancient Runes, Legendary Relics, and Immortal Stones. Enchantments can also be obtained through disenchanting other items.

    Enchantment Guide

    Armor Enchantments

    - Max Level: 10
    Burn has a chance to inflict FIRE on attacking enemies. Every level increases the chance of infliction and the ignition time.

    Evasion - Max Level: 10
    Evasion gives you a chance to completely DODGE an attack. When you Dodge, the attack will completely miss. Higher levels offer a larger chance to dodge.

    Freeze - Max Level: 10
    Freeze has a chance to inflict STUN on attacking enemies. Every level increases the chance of infliction and the length of the effect.

    Self Destruct - Max Level: 5
    Self Destruct is the ultimate troll enchantment. When you die with Self Destruct armor on, a portion of your inventory will not be dropped to the ground, denying your killer some of your inventory items.

    Tank - Max Level: 5
    Tank increases the maximum health of the wearer. The higher the level, the more hearts you have.

    Weapon Enchantments

    - Max Level: 10
    Backstab deals critical damage when you attack an enemy from behind. Backstab will inflict BLEED and deal DOUBLE DAMAGE when triggered.

    Confetti - Max Level: 10
    Confetti makes players you kill drop... confetti! Right-click confetti while in your hand to transform it into a random surprise item!

    Bloodsuck - Max Level: 10
    Bloodsuck upgrades the BLEED aspect of weapons by allowing you to heal off of your victim's pain. Every tick of damage your opponent takes from bleeding will be healed to you.

    Guillotine - Max Level: 10
    Guillotine offers a chance for players to drop their head when they die. The higher the level the higher the drop chance.

    Lumberjack - Max Level: 10
    Gives every player you kill a chance to drop a God Apple. Kills will award a standard Golden Apple every other time. Lumberjack also offers a chance at causing Slow on the enemy. Effect and God Apple chance increase per level.

    Perish - Max Level: 10
    Perish grants a chance to inflict WITHER on your opponent. Higher levels offer a higher chance and a longer lasting effect.

    Shade - Max Level: 10
    Shade grants a chance to inflict BLINDNESS on your opponent. Higher levels offer a higher chance and a longer lasting effect.

    Shatter - Max Level: 10
    Shatter hurts not only your opponent but their armor. When triggered, you'll deal 5 times durability damage to a random piece of armor worn by your opponent. Higher levels offer a higher chance to trigger.

    Tool Enchantments

    Magic Touch
    - Max Level: 1
    Allows the enchanted tool to drop mined mob spawners. Can only be applied to Diamond Pickaxes.

    Bow Enchantments

    - Max Level: 1
    Offers a reward for precise aiming. When you shoot a player in the head, you'll deal double damage. (You must be at least 10 blocks away from your enemy for headshots to trigger.)

    Velocity - Max Level: 5
    Velocity makes arrows more powerful by boosting their speed in-flight. Velocity allows you to charge you bow for less time to fire an arrow further. Higher levels increase the speed and accuracy.

    This post will be updated as new enchantments are added... but beware, there could be secret ones as well! Happy adventuring!
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