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Frequently Asked Questions

Discussion in 'Community Help' started by Gavote, Feb 22, 2017.

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  1. Gavote

    Gavote Administrator
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    Dec 7, 2016
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    Hello fellow Savage Games players, you may have a question in mind for our staff team and we will work with you in order to help you in any way we can, but first, here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

    Q1) How do I log on to the server?

    To log onto the server, begin by logging into your MineCraft account and clicking the ‘PLAY’ button. Next, click on the ‘Multiplayer’ button on the main MineCraft page. From here click the ‘Add Server’ button and enter the Server Address as ‘Play.SkyBounds.com’ and click ‘Done’. Finally click on the SkyBounds server in your server list and click on ‘Join Server'.


    Q2) Why can I not post a thread on the forums?

    To post a thread on the forums you must verify your email. In order to do this, log into your email and find the email sent from Savage.Games and click on the link provided. This will verify your account and you can now post threads on the forums.


    Q3) How can I make an appeal for my ban/mute?

    All appeals must be dealt with on the forums, and done so here. The staff member that issued the punishment normally deals with the appeal, however, a Senior Moderator or an Admin may assist you in your appeal if need be.


    Q4) Where can I apply for staff?

    We are always looking for new dedicated staff members, and are happy to see new players apply. If you believe you are capable in becoming staff you can apply here, in your application, be as honest and detailed as you can be.


    Q5) Where can I report a player who has broken the rules?

    All reports are either dealt with in-game or on the forums. If you see a rule breaker in-game please use the /report command. All staff on that island are notified of the report, although any reports in Money Wars alerts all staff on any server. If for some reason a staff member is not online or we need a screenshot / video for your report (For example a hacker or scammer) please upload the proof here, describing the incident in as much detail as you can.


    Q6) How do I join one of the SkyBounds Islands and Money Wars?

    After you have joined our main hub you can process to any of the SkyBounds islands by right clicking one of the first seven hot bar slots which correspond to a specific world or the gold ingot in slot nine to join the Money Wars hub.


    Q7) It says 'Kicked whilst connecting to [island name] Premium Reserved Slots'. How do I get past this?

    You must remember that SkyBounds is still in BETA mode, therefore we have a cap on the amount of players each server can hold. The server caps for The First Islands and Magic is currently 300, whilst the rest of the islands are only 275. We upgrade these slots when we can but as for now, if you cannot join a server as it is full, all you have to do it simply buy a rank [Ultra, Legend or Savage] from
    here. This will enable you to join any island mostly whenever you wish. There are an additional 50 slots onto of the non ranked slots, meaning for example The First Islands cap for non donors is 300, however, an additional 50 players with ranks can join the server. With a rank you should be able to join 24/7.

    Q8) How do I create a new island and travel there on SkyBounds?

    To create a new island type ‘/is new’ in chat. This will generate a new island for you, to teleport to your island type in chat ‘/is go [username]’


    Q9) How do I join my friends island?

    If you wish to join your friends island you need to receive an invite from them, they can do this by using the ‘/is invite [username]’ command. Once you receive an invitation, it will show in chat that you have been invited to an island which you can click on in chat to accept the invitation. If you miss this in chat, you can type ‘/is go' which will open a GUI in which you can accept an invitation. To accept it this way, click on the book at the top right hand corner and then on the grass/gold block (Blocks depends on wether the island is premium or not) to accept the invitation.


    Q10) How do I get a premium island?

    To unlock the premium island you must purchase a rank from our Buycraft here. The current ranks are; Ultra, Legend and Savage. Once you buy one of these ranks you will not have to reset your island, the boarder will automatically increase to a 400x400 area.


    Q11) How do I level up?

    Levelling up is achieved by completing challenges, both campaign and daily. To access your challenges use the command ‘/challenges’ or ‘/ch’. The XP bottle shows your current level and progress towards your next level up. Beneath this, you have your campaign challenges (On the left) and daily challenges (On the right). You unlock a new campaign challenge after completing your last one, these are designed to help you create a better island and familiarise you with our server. The daily challenges reset every 24hours wether you have completed them or not, if you have completed them you can, however, purchase another three daily challenges in exchange for stars.


    Q12) How do I enchant and disenchant?

    You cannot enchant until you have reached player level 10 and completed the enchantment quests. Once you have reached level 10 you can then craft an enchantment table and start your enchanting quests. We have customised the enchant table GUI so you can now disenchant items alongside enchanting. To enchant an item, place the item you wish to enchant and the enchanted book in the enchantment table GUI and click on the enchantment table in the GUI. To disenchant an item, place the item in the enchantment table and click on the red stained glass. From here choose which enchant you wish to take off the item and then choose one of the wools. The light green wool provides the best chances to disenchant, therefore would be optimal to choose this.


    Q13) What are the custom enchantments and their max level?

    All custom enchants are listed here alongside their max level.

    Q14) How do I sell to the vendors in the market?

    To use the market please refer to here. This link will re-direct you to a thread with a video showing you how to sell items in the market.

    Q15) How do I get a vault?

    In order to get a vault you must speak to the ‘Banker’ vendor in the market. After you speak with him he will give you five quests that you must complete in order to get a vault and sell iron/gold/diamond/emerald blocks to him. Once you complete the challenges you can then access the vault with the different vaults which are located in each outpost and at spawn. (Savage rank has access to /vault in any safe zone) You can purchase a vault in the vault’s GUI by clicking on the ender chest, bear in mind you can only purchase one vault every five days.


    Q16) What is Blackshore and how do I apply for it?

    Blackshore is a Multi-Channel Business Partner and Management Firm for Content Developers and run by many YouTubers. To apply for this role you must go to their website here. Once you fill out an application you will get a response shortly.

    Q17) How do I get the VIP rank?

    To qualify for VIP rank, you must meet one or more of these requirements:​
    1. 25,000 Subscribers and post Savage Games content actively​
    2. 5,000 views per video and post Savage Games content actively​
    3. Friend with a Savage Games developer or owner​
    All information on the VIP role can be found here.

    Q18) How do I purchase an item from the store?

    If you wish to purchase a rank from our store, you can do so here. Firstly choose which category you want to purchase from i.e ‘Ranks’, ’SkyBounds: First’, ‘Money Wars.’ Once you have done this you will be asked for your username, this is your current in-game username, make sure you enter this correctly otherwise you have bought the rank/kit for the wrong account. Next, click on the item you wish to buy and then ‘Add to Cart’. Form this page you can choose the amount you wish to buy, if it is a rank or a kit leave it at ‘1’, however, immortal kits can be purchased in bulk. Fill out all of the details asked for and accept the terms and conditions (After reading them). Once you have filed everything out, you can click on the PayPal button at the bottom of the screen and choose which method you wish to pay by: PayPal or Credit/Debit card. Fill out the last details required and ‘Pay Now. You normally receive your items within 5-10 minutes although can take a little longer depending on the BuyCraft traffic.


    Q19) When I try to checkout, the PayPal button does not work.

    If this problem occurs, one reason may be that you have a chargeback rate of over 10%. If so, you cannot purchase anything from the Buycraft in the future as it blocks all purchases for your account. If you have this problem and have never charged back there are a few options you can try.
    1. Close your web browser down and re-open it.
    2. Delete your web history and cookies and try again.
    3. Open a new search engine and try from it.
    4. Try again in an hour.
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  2. Gavote

    Gavote Administrator
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    Dec 7, 2016
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    Ore seeds

    Ore seeds are a great way of earning money quickly. Ore seeds are customised stained glass to help you in many different ways. To activate one of these, simply craft a redstone block (Redstone is available from the market) and place the ore seed on the red stone block surrounded by smooth stone. This will then generate ores / blocks corresponding to the ore seed that you placed. There are many ways in which a player can obtain an ore seed, the most common being; Warzone Chests, Warzone Crates, and of course Ore Seed boxes.

    What are the different types, and what levels do they come in?

    For the majority of the ore seeds the are 5 levels, each of which generate a different amount of ores / blocks. Below, you will find a list of the different levels for each type, and how many each spawn.

    Emerald, Diamond, Gold, Coal, Quarts and Soul Sand

    Level 5 - Generates 100+ ores / blocks
    Level 4 - Generates 80+ ores / blocks
    Level 3 - Generates 40+ ores / blocks
    Level 2 - Generates 20+ ores / blocks
    Level 1 - Generates 10+ ores / blocks


    Immortal kits / shards
    Immortal shards are one of the best features we have implemented on the SkyBounds server. Most players buy immortal shards from the online store which can be found here. Once you obtain an immortal shard, either from the online store or in-game, it rolls for a chance to have the ability to keep the selected kit forever. If you lose, you'll receive the items for the selected kit once at your island's dropzone. If you win, you'll be able to use the selected kit anytime with /ikit [kit name].
    How do I get an immortal shard?

    Immortal shards can be obtained in many different ways. The most common being bought of the store. We update these immortal shards so if you cannot find one on the store that you want do not worry' as there are other ways to obtain the older shards. The next method to obtain an immortal shard is from the Monthly Reward crates. All ranks from Ultra - Savage has a Monthly Reward crate, (One for each rank, e.g Ultra has 1, Savage has 3) however, that being said only Legend and Savage crates contain Immortal Shards. These contain the older Immortal shards alongside the newer ones, and can be obtained on every SkyBlock island.
    If you do not have a rank and do not wish to buy anything from the store, that is OK. As we have implemented ways for you to receive these shards without buying them directly. The most common way for you to buy a shard is from the auction house, utilising the command '/ah v'. Normally players lost shards here for around 20-50mil depending on which shard. The other way you can get shards is from the alchemist. You can trade in Arcane Shards in /alchemy in order to have a chance to unlocking an Immortal Shard, further going on to unlock the Immortal kit. Although this does have a low chance of receiving one, players have unlocked ikits from this before.



    Bounties are a great way of getting players on a SkyBlock island to target someone you may have trouble killing. Of this is the case, you can use the '/bounty add' command in order to add bounties to those players. If you are on the other end of the spectrum and wish to earn some stars in killing some players believing you are good enough at PvP, you can utilise the '/bounty' command. This will show you all active bounties for those players online on the specific SkyBlock island. To claim one of these bounties simply kill the player in PvP in the warzone, if they bounty is high, for example 1,000,000 stars, it will announce in chat that you have claimed a bounty worth {amount}.




    Alchemy lets a player level up enchantment books to their max levels in most cases. There are three different levels; Common, a Ancient and Immortal. If there is a book in which you do it want to keep, you also have the choice to turn it into dust. Alchemy can be accessed by speaking to The Alchemist in all markets, or by using the /alchemy command.

    How do I increase the power of my enchantment book?

    To increase the alchemy power on your enchantment book, simply drag alchemy dust (Any level) and drop it onto your book within your inventory. There is no max level to which the power of your book can be, however there is a max level for each enchantment, which can be found here.



    Arena - Duels

    In the arena, you have the ability to create matches that are solo (1v1) or team (up to 10v10) to participate in a sudden death fight. Arena matches are secluded from the normal warzone and use pre-defined, even, load-outs to ensure a balanced playing field for everyone.

    How do I join the Arena?

    To enter the Arena simply go to /spawn and talk to the Brawler NPC (Non Playable Character). This will open a GUI in which you can then either set up a game or join a lobby which another player has set up. Bear in mind, these lobbies may have wagers, so you are fighting for double or nothing.

    How do I set up my own lobby?

    To set up your own lobby simply click on the Brawler NPC and click on an open slot which says 'Current Brawl: None'. From here, you will be able to choose the kit, (Leather, Melee and Archer) and the wager. Finally, to start the lobby click on the Emerald named 'Create Match'.

    How do I work the party system?

    To start a party with your friend simply type, '/party create', and '/party invite [username].
    You can kick a player if they go offline or do not wish to be in the party anymore with, '/party kick [username].
    If you wish to disband the party use the '/party disband' command.
    To list everyone in your party, type in chat, '/party list'.



    Mining World

    The Mining World is a new way for you to earn Player XP and stars in a fun and brand new way. This new world allows batches of players inside for 20 minutes into a randomly generated world, filled with ores and resources.

    How do I Level-up in the Mining World and how do I upgrade my skills?

    Normal item leveling is disabled within the mining world. Instead, you improve specific skills for your current Mining World game. Gain Mining World XP from mining stone and ores, as well as killing other players. Each time you level up, you will be awarded 1 Skill Point. Skill Points can be spent on either unlocking NEW skills or upgrading existing ones. Skills are divided into 3 categories; Combat, Mining, and Misc. Once you have these points, click on the section and the ability you wish to level up.

    Full List of Skills and Abilities for Release

    • Sharper Pickaxe (5 Tiers) - Adds Sharpness to your pickaxe.
    • Heavy Strike (3 Tiers) - Adds Knockback to your pickaxe. (Requires Sharper Pickaxe Lvl 1)
    • Flame Touch (1 Tier) - Adds Fire Aspect to your pickaxe. (Requires Heavy Strike Lvl 1)
    • Armor Up! (4 Tiers) - Equips you with armour. The higher the tier, the better the armour.
    • Shields Up! (3 Tiers) - Adds Protection to your armour. (Requires Armor Up! Lvl 1)
    • An Apple a Day... (4 Tiers) - Gives you a constant supply of golden apples. Frequency and amount increases by tier. (Requires Shields Up! Lvl 1)
    • Viper (3 Tiers) - Gives you a chance to inflict poison on players you hit. Higher chances from higher tiers.
    • Wither Away (3 Tiers) - Gives you a chance to inflict wither on players you hit. Higher chances from higher tiers. (Requires Viper Lvl 1)
    • Hunter (1 Tier) - Equips you wth a Player Tracker that targets the nearest enemy. (Requires Wither Away Lvl 1)

    • Prospector (3 Tiers) - Allows you to mine better ores.
    • Efficient Mining (3 Tiers) - Adds Efficiency to your pickaxe. (Requires Prospector Lvl 1)
    • Greed (4 Tiers) - Adds Fortune to your pickaxe. (Requires Efficient Mining Lvl 1)
    • Finders' Keepers (4 Tiers) - Allows you to discover resources just from mining stone.
    • Ore Spreading (4 Tiers) - When you mine an ore, it has a chance to populate to nearby stone. Higher tiers have higher chances. (Requires Finders' Keepers Lvl 1)
    • Reserve (4 Tiers) - When you mine an ore, it has a chance to respawn. Higher tiers have higher chances. (Requires Ore Spreading Lvl 1)
    • Owl (1 Tier) - When you break a block, gain night vision for 30s.
    • XP Investor (3 Tiers) - Allows you to earn more XP from discovering resources. (Requires Owl Lvl 1)
    • Upgrade (4 Tiers) - When you mine an ore, you have a chance to get the resource from the next better ore. Higher tiers have a higher chance to trigger. (Requires XP Investor Lvl 1)
    • Swiftness (3 Tiers) - Gives a permanent speed buff.
    • Haste (3 Tiers) - Gives an additional permanent mining speed buff.
    • Leap (3 Tiers) - Gives a permanent jump boost

    What are Meteors?
    Meteors will fall into the Mining World, leaving tons of resources where they crash. Crater locations will be announced in chat. Once a player gets near, it will crash down to the ground. It is in your best interest to find Meteors. It is the only place to find the block form of resources, which award 9x resources and 3x experience.

    How do I get tokens and trade them for runes?

    After the release of the Mining World, we added a new benefit to playing in the Mining World, the ability to buy runes! When you mine an ore, you now have a chance to receive Mining World Tokens. These tokens can be spent from the Rune Shop, accessible from the Mining World menu.



    None of these answer my question where do I go?
    If none of the above FAQ's answer your query please ask your question here. This section is dedicated to help those who need assistance with any part of our network, either a player or staff member will answer you ASAP.​
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