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June Monthly Crate

Skybounds is officially releasing the June monthly crate today, June 08th, 2018.
You will be able to pick this crate up in the Savage Games donation shop until the end of the month.

A new Monthly Crate is now available in stores!
For those of you who may not know what our Monthly Crates are all about, I'll be happy to explain! Our Monthly crates are loot crates that can be purchased once a month by users in the community. These crates are limited to their specific month of release, and the exclusive loot inside can only be obtained that month! Every month is guaranteed to have something new and exclusive for you to find! This month we are offering you a brand new player trail called Splash Bash! The Splash Bash trail will help get you motivated for the summer break by having you sport a yellow ducky inflatable tube around your waist. Along with this summer essential, you'll be dripping trails of water behind from the pool / beach you just visited. Hasn't your mother ever taught you to use a towel before!? Pop on your trail and dive right in, for its our official SkyBound's Pool / Beach party themed crate!


Each Monthly crate contains up to 14 items upon opening. How many items you obtain, is determined by your in game rank. So for those who have supported our community through purchasing a donation rank, can receive up to three extra gifts per Monthly Crate opening. So want more from your crate -- Check out our lifetime ranks in our donation store today!

Savage Games | Welcome

Weekend Sale

Enjoy a weekend this summer, with 30% off the entire store*!...​

Apocalyptic Build Event Winners Announcement

An official thank you to everyone that partook in this months build event contest. The overall outcome of entries was a bit on the lower end of the spectrum, but it was nice to see such a variety of users and their creativity! We have since gone through and taken a look at all entries and determined the winners. Those who qualify for a prize will be listed below.

Now on to the winners!
✓ The top Three winners will be rewarded as promised.
Congratulations to everyone!


▧ First Place ►
Monster Islands

"An abandoned city in the midst of a meteor shower, that would prove to be the end and last time humanity would thrive throughout most of the world."

▧ Second Place ►

Fusion Islands

"The 4 evil mages were unstopable. No one could stop them...
Now, they are destroying the world, and the last heroes, the last hope are indeed, weak.
Tsunamis, earthquakes, extreme temperatures, lava, fire, zombies, panic, destruction and deaths. Everything is happening.

The main and the most destructive power comes from the sky. Meteorites. Hundreads of them.
Humans, animals, everyone in panic. No peace can be found.
(the file name can help you)"


▧ Third Place ►

Fusion Islands

"after the meteor that struck the tower in A.D. 4057. The meteor cane from what scientists think the planet Zomblort and is infested with zombies....​
Hello once again Savage Gamers!

As most of you know, there have been some issues that were holding Skybounds back in regards to our community truly enjoying themselves. I've sat by and watched the community, asked questions and gathered your suggestions that you all very clearly display in our general chats. That being said, I have personally reached out to the Development team and asked them if we could make a few changes that I felt you all would personally appreciate. We know that Skybounds is not at its 100% peek right now, but we do have an awesome new project on its way and with said release, you can expect further beneficial adjustments to be made with Skybounds at that time.

So on that note, the following has since been put into effect within all production servers, along with some changes that are being handled currently, but not yet released.

- Lifting / removing combat level restrictions.
Yes, that is correct. The restrictions for combat levels that you all have hated since being released, is now officially removed. Enjoy the vanilla aspects of PVP once more. Fight the nakeds at spawn, go crazy and attack everyone in sight, but just have fun! Hopefully this change alone really lifts the spirits of our community.

- Removing Single and Multi combat regions / zones.
Single and Multi-Combat regions no longer exist. You can now run through warzones and battle anyone you find. Grab your clans, friends or just solo your way through battles again! Any use of our special event items such as the Duel Emeralds, Chaos Emeralds or Kill Challenge Emeralds -- will still effect the warzone as intended.

- Altering Vault chests into basic Vanilla Ender chests.
My biggest concern for the community, was that you guys didn't have a place to truly store your valuables without fear of losing them. We have tried through out the history of skybounds to fix both Vaults and Pocket chests.. however, something always turned up wrong. That being said, I have requested that we...