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Hello once again Savage Gamers!

As most of you know, there have been some issues that were holding Skybounds back in regards to our community truly enjoying themselves. I've sat by and watched the community, asked questions and gathered your suggestions that you all very clearly display in our general chats. That being said, I have personally reached out to the Development team and asked them if we could make a few changes that I felt you all would personally appreciate. We know that Skybounds is not at its 100% peek right now, but we do have an awesome new project on its way and with said release, you can expect further beneficial adjustments to be made with Skybounds at that time.

So on that note, the following has since been put into effect within all production servers, along with some changes that are being handled currently, but not yet released.

- Lifting / removing combat level restrictions.
Yes, that is correct. The restrictions for combat levels that you all have hated since being released, is now officially removed. Enjoy the vanilla aspects of PVP once more. Fight the nakeds at spawn, go crazy and attack everyone in sight, but just have fun! Hopefully this change alone really lifts the spirits of our community.

- Removing Single and Multi combat regions / zones.
Single and Multi-Combat regions no longer exist. You can now run through warzones and battle anyone you find. Grab your clans, friends or just solo your way through battles again! Any use of our special event items such as the Duel Emeralds, Chaos Emeralds or Kill Challenge Emeralds -- will still effect the warzone as intended.

- Altering Vault chests into basic Vanilla Ender chests.
My biggest concern for the community, was that you guys didn't have a place to truly store your valuables without fear of losing them. We have tried through out the history of skybounds to fix both Vaults and Pocket chests.. however, something always turned up wrong. That being said, I have requested that we...
Hello fellow Savage Gamers,

As most of you are aware, we have had some complications within the realm of Skybounds, regarding a massive wide spread duping epidemic that resulted in a mass distribution of literally ANY items you could imagine. A major complication that arose from this outbreak, was the outrageous quantity of Immortal Shards, Corrupted Kit Keys and Eternal Shards that were duplicated and given away to the public. This is clearly not the state in which we wish to leave the server in, and thus something had to be done.

What happened?
Pocket chests were released back in April with the intentions of having them fully fixed and functioning without any complications. However, it was finally discovered as of yesterday, that the Pocket chests were in face the main cause of Duplicating items. With how long of a time frame this duplication glitch was around, you can only imagine the immense amount of items that could be found within the community, across all servers.

What now?
Pocket chests have since been disabled. Unfortunately for those who are innocent in their actions, anything that were last within a Pocket Chest, will forever be lost within said chest. Pocket chests will remove any items within them when used, and will convert into basic chests upon being placed. This being said, we are sorry to express that there was no way for us to properly allow players to obtain their valuables within the chest, without also giving access to the duplicated items. Pocket chests have been determined as a hinder to the server, and will not be returning in the future.

What about our shards / keys?
All Immortal Shards, Eternal Shards and Corrupted Kit Keys that were owned prior to the disabling of Pocket Chests, will or have been removed. This counts towards any within inventories, vaults, chests, and other storage container devices such as hoppers and dispensers. Similar to the Pocket Chests themselves, there is no way for us to safely...


Its officially the second week of May, 2018! This update brings you an introduction to our newest feature on Skybounds: Scrolls! Along with this exciting new addition, we will be introducing the new MAY Monthly crate -- make sure to check that out next time when you are in game! A 20% off weekend sale, along with a decent amount of bug related fixes and changes are also included. Immortal shards that have been in the shop for the last few weeks, will be departing today and new ones will be released! For those of you who wish to purchase these shards, you can obtain them for a very limited time only! Store spotlight this week is our Donation Rank subscriptions! Obtain a rank for a limited time and open up a whole new world of server wide benefits! Visit the store or read below for more information on this item. Lastly, our monthly build events are back! This months theme: Apocalyptic! Get scary, get chaotic, but most importantly, release mass destruction!

Currently in the Savage Games official Discord, there are 3 giveaways currently live for the next 8 hours! Up to 6 winners! These prizes are all variations of coupons towards the Savage Games Store!
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers

A new Monthly Crate is now available in stores!
For those of you who may not know what our Monthly Crates are all about, I'll be happy to explain! Our Monthly crates are loot crates that can be purchased once a month by users in the community. These crates are limited to their specific month of release, and the exclusive loot inside can only be obtained that month! Every month is guaranteed to have something new and exclusive for you to find! This month we are offering you a brand new player trail called Yin and Yang. This is our...​