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New Prefix Spinner

This mysterious book has been ripped from the hinges of an official Monthly Crate. Inside reads an abundance of exclusive prefixes that can only be worn by the wisest of players. For those of you who aren't interested in purchasing a Monthly Crate, or perhaps just wish to unlock more exclusive and rare prefixes, this is the openable for you! The prefixes found in Monthly Crates are limited and once the crate is gone, so are the prefixes. This means that no matter what, obtaining a prefix is rare to come by. However, in order to keep the rarity of these prefixes alive, we have made it so that you can only purchase up to three prefixes a month. Once the new month arrives, the Prefix Spinner will expire, thus you will not be able to use it any longer. Make sure you take advantage of this new in store item so that you can display all of your unique, fun and rare collections.

Obtain 1x limited prefix associated with the active monthly crate per spinner.
This item can only be purchased from our shop three times per month.

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HUGE Immortal Shard Sale


As of now, all of our past Immortal Shards are now available again in stores! Every last shard that you ever dreamed you could get your hands on, are now back. Check out the official Savage Games Shop for more information on the prices and types of shards that you can choose from!

This sale is only for a limited time! All shards will be up in the shop for approximately one week, and one week only. Hurry while supplies last!
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July Monthly Crate

Skybounds is officially releasing the July monthly crate today, July 6th, 2018.
You will be able to pick this crate up in the Savage Games donation shop until the end of the month.

A new Monthly Crate is now available in stores!
For those of you who may not know what our Monthly Crates are all about, I'll be happy to explain! Our Monthly crates are loot crates that can be purchased once a month by users in the community. These crates are limited to their specific month of release, and the exclusive loot inside can only be obtained that month! Every month is guaranteed to have something new and exclusive for you to find!

Exclusive Loot - New Prefixes
Sparkler, Burst, Firework, Free, Star, Brave

Independence Day - New Trial
This month is the Independence Day trail! What better way to represent the home of our server and our day of Independence, then to shoot off Fireworks! Not only can you have a Firework show of your own, but you can also see the 'Bombs Bursting' in air while in battle with an enemy! Come celebrate the month of July and a national American holiday by showing of your Red, White and Blues!



Star Spangled Banner - New Cosmetic Item
Exclusive to this monthly crate, enjoy a brand new cosmetic item! Feeling patriotic this month -- now you can wear an American flag upon your head anywhere you go. Just remember, this can't be combined with a helmet, and thus wearing it into the warzone may be a bit risky!


Each Monthly crate contains up to 14 items upon opening. How many items you obtain, is determined by your in game rank. So for those who have supported our community through purchasing a donation rank, can...​

-- June 25th, 2018 --
As many of you know we have had a major project release planned since the summer of 2017, however, our time put towards the project was managed improperly and thus it was postponed. Fortunately for us, we have found new and dedicated crew members who are working hard on completing a BRAND NEW project for you all this summer! Considering we are not quite ready yet, and we have time before the scheduled release, we have decided to reach out to the community and make a few small, and easy changes to Skybounds to hold you all over!


  • The Skeleton Boss has had his HP buffed. Health and Mana regeneration time was nerfed. Along with other small tweaks.
  • Campaign challenge in order to spawn Skeleton Boss, has now been changed to work with all Warzone related Bosses.
  • Shift ability "Freeze" on Frost Walker 3 got changed from 4 seconds, to 2.5 seconds.
  • Eternal shards have been officially removed from everything but Prestiging, however, Super Loot Crates were put in it's place within the loot pool.
  • All Mob Drops have been lowered in Buy and Sell prices.
  • All Ore Drops have been slightly increased in Buy and Sell prices.
  • All Natural Farmables (cactus, melon, carrots, wheat, etc) have been increased in Buy and Sell prices to incentivize less AFK grinding and more active farming.
  • Mob Spawners have since been removed from Mob Loot.
  • Players can only be buried once every minute, so no more spamming of the ability!

    ... A few more minor changes will be entering Skybounds in the near future to help you all to further enjoy...