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Information On the Maintenance:
Expected Downtime: 4 hours
Time: April 5th between 8:00 A.M EST to 12:00 P.M EST

During the hours of 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM we will be doing some hardware upgrades to our database. During this time
while we transfer all of your information to the new box all servers will be offline to ensure that nothing is lost.
As we expand outwards with new content and features on the servers it puts more stress on the system, to allow for this expansion
we are moving our databases to a dynamic system so we can scale based off the requirements of you the players. What does this mean for you?
Though you will not see many changes on your guys side they are present however most of them pertain purely to the back end of our framework.
We appriciates your patience as we perform this maintenance!

Savage Games Staff!

Meme Madness Build Event Winners Announcement

An official thank you to everyone that partook in this months Memes of March build event contest. The overall outcome of entries was great and it was awesome to see such a variety of users and their creativity! We have since gone through and taken a look at all entries and determined the winners. Those who qualify for a prize will be listed below.

Now on to the winners!
✓ The top "Three" winners will be rewarded as promised.
Congratulations to everyone!


▧ First Place ►
Monster Islands
"What I made was Meme Lord (the giant hand) giving memes to the world, shown how the different memes are coming out from the "earth"

▧ Second Place ►

First Islands
"I was watching one of the best episodes that could've been on at the time. As I was watching Spongebob uttered a singular word that would spark my creativity. What was that word? Imagination!"

▧ Third Place ►


Monster Islands
"Da Wae To St Patricks Day."​

Those listed above, please comment in this thread the prize you wish to obtain from the list below and make sure to tag me so I see it!

First Place:
Super Loot Crate + 1x Immortal Shard of Choice.
Super Loot Crate + A Charged...​


It is officially the last week of March, and we have some exciting new features to introduce to the community today! The Island merge is among us and we are ready to get this merge officially out and open to the public. Enjoy the brand new Islands, now known as the Fusion Islands! This Island is jammed packed full of creativity, carrying builds from ALL of the worlds that were merged within it. The Warzone is bigger and badder then ever and the community is sure to have a blast roaming around these new lands! Get your gear on, and your equipment needed to explore, because there's a lot of new things to be discovered! A quick little update has been released providing a new and efficient means of navigating through ones prefixes, along with a revamp of the beloved Prospector IKIT. The bunny shard is back in stores for a limited time only, along with a BRAND NEW RANK! The Eternal rank has officially gone on sale today and we are excited to see all of the proud new owners of the PINK NAME CLUB! Read below for all of the new rank benefits that you can receive. As per usual, the weekend sale has been activated with a randomized percentage off, along with a list provided of bug changes and fixes. Read more about these exciting features below!


The prefix menu needed an update, and this week we have officially brought to you one that you are sure to enjoy. This update to the prefix GUI allows users to now see all of their unlocked prefixes immediately upon opening the GUI. For those of you who may have been sick of scrolling through pages of prefixes and hovering over them to find the ones you can use, now you can see them right from the start! The book and quill indicates the current active prefix that you are using, while the enchanted books display the...​