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Week three of this months update is now live!
Welcome to yet another update provided by the Savage Games team! This week our primary focus was to get rid of some bugs that have been roaming around the server. As most of you are aware of by now, we will be tossing updates out weekly still, but our priority for the smaller updates is to perfect the overall server performance, experience and functionality. A complete list of bug fixes that have been resolved this week, can be found below under 'Bug Fixes Galore!'.


Along with exterminating those pesky bugs, we are hitting you all with yet ANOTHER teaser for this months big release. Please keep in mind that all major updates for the month will take place every Last Friday of each month. So although you may not be too excited for our smaller weekly updates, we definitely have a more fun packed and exciting update to surely come your way!


- Cleanup & Optimizations.
- Mining World removal when you die now gives rewards properly.
- Player Vault system has been vastly improved, allows for dragging of items as well as proper shift-clicking
- Holding Custom Items (such as Ore Seed boxes, Immortal Stars, etc) no longer prevents the usage of pressure plates
- Parkour Courses now properly save checkpoints, as well as save the record holder
- Items with low durability no longer can be /blacksmith'ed an infinite amount of times
- Players can no longer join Mining World mid-game without a pass. As a result, players can no longer get a negative amount of Mining World Passes
- Corrupted Kits now properly show the current kit when previewing
- Fixed issue with some Boss Egg Challenges never finishing
- Corrected issue with level-up rewards sometimes not dropping
- The "Unscathed" daily challenge...​


The second week of Skybounds weekly updates has arrived!
As announced in our previous change logs, we have moved from weekly updates full of content, to smaller updates that perfect the server performance, aesthetics and overall quality. However, we will still be providing you all with a major end of the month update that you're sure to enjoy! Our Development team this week has been hard at work resolving many of the bugs that have been reported by you guys, so a special thanks to everyone who has taken the time to help make the server a better place! If you would have any bugs to report, or perhaps find some in today's changes, please make sure to shoot over a ticket, link below.


One of the most awaited for item on Skybounds, has finally arrived back in stores!
The January crate, jammed packed with the items you all love and long for, is now back in the donation store for a limited time! You heard me right, you have until the end of January to get your hands on one of the most desirable items in Skybounds! Want to make your friends jealous, or perhaps receive some awesome limited edition loot -- make sure to grab yourself a crate and share it with the world!
Trust me, you wont be disappointed!


For those of you who may not know what our Monthly Crates are all about, I'll be happy to explain! Our Monthly crates are loot crates that can be purchased once a month by users in the community. These crates are limited to their specific month of release, and the exclusive loot inside can only be obtained that month! Every month is guaranteed to have something new and exclusive for you to find!


Each Monthly crate contains up to 13 items...​


The Savage Games team is back with another build event for the month of January! What's better than build events you may ask? Build events that include building some of your most beloved animals! This months build event will be simple and easy. Although the theme of this months event will be pretty generic, I want to encourage you all to think outside of the box and come up with some EPIC and CREATIVE builds for us! Get detailed and get ready to set the bar high! You may submit up to 1 entry on the world of your choice. Please use the submission link at the bottom of this page to enter the contest. Rules are published below -- Please take the time to read over and review the these guidelines.

Let's think out of the box, be creative and make these builds truly CREATIVE!
You must submit an entry via the link at the very bottom of this page.
Please note that all winning prizes will only go to the island your entry is built on.


When will it start:

The event will start Tuesday, January 2nd 2018 and end on Tuesday, January 30th 2018. That
gives everyone approximately one month to jot down ideas, obtain their building materials and make their
creations come to life! Week four of January will then be used to judge your work and announce the winners of this months build competition.

  • You...​