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Happy New Years to our beloved Skybounds family! Its been an amazing year behind this project and we want to take the time to thank you all for supporting the community. It's been an adventure and we have plenty more surprises up our sleeves! We hope you all stick around to discover whats in store for Skybounds 2018.


Weekly updates are in the past...
A new change to the coming year is that we will no longer be providing weekly server updates, instead, we will be working hard to clean up community bugs, server aesthetics and overall bettering the quality of game play. By making this change, we can assure that the new monthly updates will contain top quality content and improved functionality. (We're also still working hard on an entire new game/way to play Skybounds!)

Report any bugs that you feel should be seen, here:

On a weekly basis, you will be presented with new and exciting server events that are bound to keep you entertained as well as smaller gameplay tweaks to existing features like new Loot, Schematics or Kits to collect! So although server updates wont be taking place on a weekly basis as per usual, you will definitely not be disappointed!

► Adjustments to the Combat Levels players gain when defeating players of other combat tiers (you will now gain MORE levels)
► Always gain Combat Levels, even when fighting much lower levels during times or in areas where Combat Level Restrictions are removed
► Slight tweaks to the new "Control Point"/King of the Hill Warzone Islands/Events and Loot...​