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Since the launch of Savage Games, we've been committed to providing weekly updates to our servers. Now, we're doing it with the launch of a brand new server type under our umbrella.


Money Wars is based off well-known games such as Bed Wars and Egg Wars, but with the twist of added TNT and explosions! So what's included in this new update?

This new lobby is accessible from the current Skybounds hub. Click the new Money Wars icon in your hotbar to be teleported here. The Money Wars lobby includes a sign wall for joining games, a room of the current kits, and a layout for each of our Kit Crates. (Explained below!) Oh, and there's parkour too.

The primary goal in Money Wars is to travel to other players' islands and trigger their activators. When all the activators on an island have been triggered, their ability to respawn is removed and their island erupts with TNT everywhere.


Your sidebar acts as a heads-up-display to let you know how many Activators you have remaining vs how many have been hit. It'll also make it very clear when you no longer respawn.

You can view the remaining activators for other players in the player list when you press TAB.


If you're unfortunate enough to have all your activators triggered... I have some bad news for you....

Gathering Resources
Scattered around our maps are resource generators. These generators produce the listed resource every few seconds. The higher the...

Rows and rows of useless enchantment books... no more!

Alchemy gives a new use to Enchantment Books that may just be sitting around taking up space... let's get into this brand new mechanic.

Alchemy can be accessed by speaking to The Alchemist in all markets, or by using the /alchemy command.

Arcane Dust
Arcane Dust is the raw essence that makes up the magic within enchantment books. The better the enchantment book, the more dust it can contain.

There are 3 types of Arcane Dust:​
  1. Lesser Arcane Dust (Worth at least 1 Arcane)​
  2. Arcane Dust (Worth at least 25 Arcane)​
  3. Greater Arcane Dust (Worth at least 60 Arcane)​
When you turn an enchantment book to dust, the book will be destroyed and leave the enchanted remains in its place.

Upgrading Enchantment Books
When you receive Arcane Dust, you can use it to power up other enchantment books of your choice. Simply pick up the dust you'd like to use, and click it onto your enchantment book. The Arcane Power of the book will now appear.


When the Arcane Power of a book reaches 100%, bring it back to The Alchemist to alchemize it into the next level.


Once a book is ready to alchemize, you can continue to give it Arcane Dust to OVERLOAD the book. Overloading a book has no limit, and will improve the success rate of the book alchemizing into the next level.


This week we're happy to be bringing out a long-requested feature! This addition will open doors for even more content possibilities in the future, and we're only just scratching the surface right now.

NEW ISLAND FEATURE: Public Islands [Beta]
Public Islands have finally been added to Skybounds! When an island is set to public, it will appear in our new Island Browser (/is browse), and be accessible to all players (up to the online player limit.). This new setting can be changed using /is privacy.

To start with, all users who have Ultra or higher will be able to change their island privacy. We're testing the waters with this, and if it goes well, the perk will be unlockable by free players upon reaching a certain player level.

Players who visit your island when in public mode without being a member will have the following restrictions:
  • CANNOT break blocks
  • CANNOT build
  • CANNOT open doors, gates, trapdoors, or use redstone switches (pressure plates, levers, and buttons)
  • CANNOT open chests, furnaces, dispensers, or other containers (regardless of lock)
  • CANNOT use item frames, armor stands, or break paintings
  • CANNOT attack animals or monsters, or be targeted by them
  • CANNOT pickup items, except for those thrown by players (You can make trades with players, but can't steal drops from mob grinders, for example)
With this change, water and lava will also no longer flow into island spawn points. Water, Lava, and Fire placement is also restricted near visitors.

Players who are banned...