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Things are gonna get chilly, bring a jacket...
A new world way up North from our other warzones has been discovered. This world is filled with ice, snow, and lots of strange magic. Make sure to dress appropriately, otherwise things are gonna get cold. With this new world comes the usual brand new map, brand new outposts, and brand new market. Oh, and I guess 250 more players slots is cool too.

This new server is accessible from our hubs, just right click the new block next to your monsters icon!


The grind continues. Our maximum levels for player XP and item XP have been increased. These new caps will allow you to climb even higher on the /leveltop leaderboards, as well as unlock new abilities for you items.

  • STONE Unchanged, Max Level 5
  • IRON Unchanged, Max Level 10
  • DIAMOND Buffed, Max Level 20
  • BOWS can be levelled with higher accuracy and far distance shots. The better your aim, the more XP you'll earn. While there aren't any bow-specific abilities just yet, these level-ups will unlock more enchantment slots, like other items.
  • ARMOR can be levelled by taking damage. When you receive damage, your XP reward will be split amongst the gear you're wearing. While there aren't any armor-specific abilities yet, these level-ups will unlock more enchantment slots, like other items.
  • SHUFFLE (Axes, Active): Unlocks at level 20. When triggered, then next player you attack will have their hotbar...
Throughout your Skybounds adventures, you may come across some non-vanilla Enchantments on tools, weapons, and gear. Custom enchantments are one of many new features we've introduced to enhance the vanilla experience.

Discovering New Enchantments

New enchantments can be found as books in Warzone Chests or Ancient Runes, Legendary Relics, and Immortal Stones. Enchantments can also be obtained through disenchanting other items.

Enchantment Guide

Armor Enchantments

- Max Level: 10
Burn has a chance to inflict FIRE on attacking enemies. Every level increases the chance of infliction and the ignition time.

Evasion - Max Level: 10
Evasion gives you a chance to completely DODGE an attack. When you Dodge, the attack will completely miss. Higher levels offer a larger chance to dodge.

Freeze - Max Level: 10
Freeze has a chance to inflict STUN on attacking enemies. Every level increases the chance of infliction and the length of the effect.

Lucky - Max Level: 10
Lucky is similar to Evasion, but acts as bigger counter to teams in the warzone. When you're attacked, you have a chance to evade the damage completely and instead deal it to another nearby enemy player

Nourish -
Max level 10
When you take damage, you'll be given a temporary saturation boost to make sure you're kept fed. Your attacker also has a small chance to receive Hunger Poisoning, depending on the level of the enchantment.

- Max Level: 5
Savior will intervene when you're about to die and save you from such a fate. When it triggers, different effects will happen based on level:
  • Level 1 - 2 will provide Regeneration for a short time and save you from the fatal blow
  • Level 3 - 4 will provide Regeneration for a short time, save you from the fatal blow, and make you IMMUNE...

You could say the update this week is very enchanting. Heh. Heh.
New Game Mechanic: Enchanting
We're happy to finally announce the addition of Enchanting to Skybounds! Enchanting has been wanted since our initial launch, but we wanted to delay it until we know we could release it just right.. and we think we have!

Enchantment Slots
The first piece of this update includes Enchantment Slots. These slots determine the amount of space your items have for both vanilla and our custom enchantments. All levellable items start with 2 slots, and unlock 1 more every 5 levels. Items that are already enchanted will still work just fine, they just can't be further enchanted unless you go below the limit.

The new Enchantment Slots Available counter will appear on items when you next use them.

Enchantment Books
Enchantment books can now be found in the warzone inside Enchantment Crates. Similar to Fragment Crates, they will award enchantments of varying rarities when opened. Bring these books to an enchantment table (now craftable!) with the tool or weapon of your choice to enchant it.

With the book, enchantments require both XP Levels (obtained from killings mobs and mining) and Stars.


The cost of enchantment will increase in relation to the enchantment level.

With Enchanting comes Disenchanting! Disenchanting allows you to remove an enchantment from an item and transform it into a book! Performing a disenchantment requires both XP Levels and Stars (like enchanting), but also...