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This week in Skybounds we’re introducing exciting new competitive warzone islands & events! There’s battle to be had and loot to be discovered, this update will reward the brave and the greedy alike.



This new feature will offer a variety of small position-based gameplay events, that will randomly cycle for varying duration. Including a control-point focused party-based gameplay where groups will attempt to hold dominance over ever-changing positions across warzone islands. Players will earn XP in Challenge mode, stars in Stars mode, or rare loot in King of the Hill mode!


Stars Mode
(1 Hour Duration)

This event will reward groups for controlling & defending strategic warzone positions, the players holding ground will gradually line their pockets for the time they’re able to maintain it. Rewards will increase over time at the rates below until the reward cap is reached.
Tier 1: Players will earn 100 Stars per second until they have gained 10,000 starsat that rate.
Tier 2: Players will then earn 500 Stars per second until they have gained 250,000 Stars at that rate.
Tier 3: Players will then earn 1,000 Stars per second until they have gained 1,000,000...
May your day be filled with happiness, love and lots of food.

Currently in the shop, for the next 24 hours, we are giving you the Savage Stocking Stuffer item bundle. This purchase is FREE to our Premium Players (Requires at least Ultra Rank) and allows you to obtain a small gift of your choice, PLUS two exclusive prefixes that can only be obtained through this free gift giveaway. EVERYONE may obtain this purchase one time. The item package can be found in the Extras section in our Shop.

Thank you to everyone who plays Skybounds and whole heartily supports the Savage Games community. We love and appreciate all of you! TO A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Link provided below
Savage Games | Welcome

Those found abusing said gift through using alternative accounts, will be removed from the server permanently.
From everyone here at Skybounds (Savage Games) I want to wish you a very merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Enjoy your time off with family and friends doing whatever it is you love doing most! I'm going tobogganing now and drinking some hot chocolate when I get back from freezing my Assassin kit off! What do you have planned?

In the spirit of the Holidays Skybounds is running 30% off sale on everything on the store and if you use the code "XMAS" you will receive an additional 10% off any purchase!

Also *EVERY* Immortal Kit has returned to the store for the next 48 hours!!

Good luck out there! See you on Skybounds