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Just a quick announcement to let you all know that we have officially opened up a public Savage Games Plug.DJ! Want to play and/or listen to music while on the server? Maybe meet new people and just hang out? Come join us on PLUG.DJ for a good time!

VIP Rank Information:

We love content creators and want to work on making a great experience for you!

Our VIP rank offers the following benefits to creators:
  • Access to all perks of our premium ranks
  • Access to disguising the name over your head through use of /nick.
  • Access to all kits in our arcade games (Money Wars, etc.)
  • Access to a custom VIP role on SavageGame's official Discord.
  • Access to a special VIP-only Discord channel on our public server, where you can speak to the staff and developers directly. (Talk to a staff member to receive the VIP role in Discord.)
  • Access to a custom VIP prefix color on the SavageGames Minecraft Server.
  • VIP Island Status: Expand your maximum island player cap to 50 users!
  • VIP Chunk Rendering: You will have 2.5x the max render distance that a standard player receives.
  • Access to advertising your YouTube / Stream creations to the general public within reason.*
To qualify for VIP rank, you must meet one or more of these requirements:
  • 25,000 Subscribers and post Savage Games content actively.
  • 5,000 views per video and post Savage Games content actively.
  • 100 average Twitch live viewers and stream Savage Games content actively.
  • Personal friend of a Savage Games Founder. - You will need to directly speak to said "Friend" that qualifies you to become VIP.
If you meet the qualifications for VIP, please make a post in Help & Support with your channel details.

VIPs are NOT above our rules. If you are found breaking them or receive excessive warnings for behavior from our staff team, you will be stripped of your benefits/rank and be unable to apply for it again.

For information in regards to...
Donors can now display their ranks on the forums!

You can now link your forum account with your minecraft account to get your rank on the forums! ...and it's really easy to do!

  1. Visit your Personal Details and enter your Minecraft name where it says "Minecraft Username".
  2. Join any Skybounds and type the command /link <Your Email Address>.
That's it! Your rank will now show up next to your posts here. If you have any questions, post in Help & Support.