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Quality Assurance Position
Quality Assurers, or QAs, are a new role being added to the Savage Games community to help Developers perfect the functionality of the server. QAs will be responsible for providing assistance to our community via filing detailed bug reports, testing new developments / server features, and overall helping to make sure that the server is in tip top physical shape!

Only the most dedicated and experienced members of the community will be considered for this position. That being said, our number one requirement is that those who apply must have played on the server for at least a month, and obtained a Player Level of at least 40 on any SkyBounds related world. Members of this role will receive no in-game benefits, ranks or compensation for their work provided. This is strictly a volunteer role.

Those who are interested in applying for this position must apply with the link provided, along with successfully meeting all qualifications listed below. Please do not apply at this time if you do not meet all of the requirements for we will not be making exceptions. This role is very important to the server and highly confidential, so only those who are deemed suitable for the position will be considered.

QA Qualifications:
- User must speak, type and understand fluent English.
- User must be of the age 15 years or older to be considered.
- User must have played on SkyBounds for at least a month or longer.
- User must be at least player level 40 or higher on any SkyBounds related world....


This week in Skybounds we’re happy to announce some existing mechanic alterations, the first being soulbound lives. Soulbound lives on armor now carry a 90% success rate, however soulbound tools and weapons will still always be moved back to your dropzone upon death. (Items cannot be lost through dying on islands)

Beyond just soulbinding items, soulstones have also had their utility improved! They will now activate upon armor break to save your gear and refill its durability to half! Stock up on these if your armor is ever worse-for-wear.


A new spell has been added to skybounds, Lingering Dispel! This spell will make the imbiber immune to passive negative effects like slow and clearing negative potion effects every second Lingering Dispel is active.


In order to obtain this new upgraded Dispel variant, bring a stack of the standard Dispel spells to the Alchemist and they’ll...​
Early Happy Thanksgiving!
.. to our US players or anyone else who may celebrate it. As Savage Games is a US-based company, we are letting you know in advance that this week's update will take place on Wednesday, the 22nd as to allow the team to spend time with their family over this upcoming holiday.

You can expect many tweaks and changes to existing gameplay to better optimize toward our new goals for the warzone. If you didn't see our stream on that, click here!

We hope everyone who's celebrating enjoys their holiday, and everyone else has a good week. Stay tuned for later this week for some lovely Black Friday deals...

TL;DR: Update Wednesday this week!