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We think you're a bot!

You've been detected as an automated service.

Savage Games employs many detection systems to filter out automatic users (bots) and humans in order to keep our website, server, and other services clean and spam-free. Unfortunately, you've been identified as a bot.

How do I know if you think I'm a bot?


If during any of your site activities (making a post, signing up, etc.) you are redirected here, you have been determined to be an automated process.


If when you join the server, you are told "Communication Error. Try again later", your account has been found to be associated with automated tasks.

I'm not a bot!

In most cases, you can resolve this yourself. The first thing we advise doing is avoiding linking any non-Savage Games or non-popular websites. Any kind of advertising will get you flagged almost instantly. It's also important to avoid excessive use of software that auto-fills form data for you. Some is okay, but if your post replies look automated, you will be handled accordingly. Using other services like VPNs or outdated browsers could get you flagged as well.

If you cannot resolve this yourself, please chat with us in our public Discord server and we'd be happy to see if we can resolve this for you.

I am a bot!

Beep boop. Boop beep. Beeeeeeep.