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Update Official Savage Games Rules.

Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by Lauren, Jan 4, 2017.

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  1. Lauren

    Lauren SENPAI
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    Official Savage Games Rules.

    Abusing Exploits / Glitches:
    If an exploit or glitch is found on any servers, we expect players to not use the exploit to their advantage. Please obtain as much information as possible regarding the problem and report any exploits / glitches you find immediately to the forums for Developer review. Those found abusing said exploits and/or glitches will be permanently removed from the server depending on the severity.

    *Please post any Exploits / Glitches in the bug report section: Here

    Abuse of /Report:
    The abuse of /report is highly forbidden here on Savage Games. Any members of the server found using said command for anything other then reporting players who may be potentially breaking the rules, will be temporarily removed from the server.

    Account Security:
    All players are responsible for the security of their own Minecraft Accounts. If another person obtains access to your account by any means, you are still responsible for anything that occurs while they remain in control. If your account is accessed by another player, or openly shared with another individual, any rules broken under that account are final and the punishments issued will remain active. Buying and selling of accounts is strictly prohibited across all server platforms. Those found attempting to buy or sell an account will be removed.

    Advertising Server Domains / IPs:
    Advertising another servers Domain and/or IP Address on any Savage Games public servers, forums or discord will result in a permanent ban from the Network. Forms of advertising include, but are not limited to; Stating a servers domain / IP in general chat, renaming your island plot, posting signs, writing in books, etc.

    Avatars [Forum / Discord]:
    All avatars uploaded to the forums and/or discord are to remain appropriate. Avatars that display anything in regards to offensive or sexually explicit content will result in a ban.

    Caps / Spam:
    This consists of posting capital letters excessively or posting the same line in chat consecutively with the intentions of being seen by a mass majority of players, trolling, being an annoyance and even sometimes no reason what so ever. Spamming of characters is also included in this rule and will not be tolerated. Considering we would like to keep our chats free of clutter, we are cracking down on the use of caps and spam, thus making it punishable. Anyone seen using caps or spamming excessively will be asked to stop immediately.

    Charging Back Donations:
    Those who issue complaints or open disputes within Paypal will be subject to a permanent ban from accessing our services. When you open a claim / dispute with Paypal, the money that you have spent through our store, gets pulled from our account and placed on hold. If you at anytime win the dispute and the money is returned to your account, you will remain banned along with any alternative accounts associated with yours. You may however close the dispute in our favor to regain access to the server, or repay us at anytime.

    *Please make a ticket to resolve charge back issues: Here

    DDOS / DOX Threats:
    These two threats are taken very seriously. Anyone found threatening, attempting or succeeding at either threat will be permanently removed from the server. All players hold the right to contact authorities pertaining to their own individual well-being. We are not responsible for any information obtained nor shared among our servers, however, your safety is our concern and the appropriate actions will be taken to remove the attacker from our services.

    DDoSing - Threatening or achieving a DOS attack where multiple compromised systems are used to target a single system causing a denial of service attack.
    Doxing - Obtaining private information about a particular individual on the internet and publishing it with malicious intent.

    Death Threats:
    A death threat is a threat made to physically harm another individual. Anybody seen threatening another user in this manner will be removed from the server immediately.

    Much like our world, everyone on the server is different, from their appearance, to their beliefs. That being said, we are to remain respectful, open minded and understanding to ones differences. Any prejudicial treatment towards another player is not allowed and will be taken very seriously. Examples of discrimination include: Racism, Homophobia, Sexism, Religious Slurs, etc.

    Discussing Punishments:
    We do not discuss any server, forum or discord related punishments on Discord or the Server itself. If you have recently been punished, or are attempting to fight a 'wrongful' punishment, it will need to be handled on the Savage Games official forums only. Those who are found spamming, tagging or causing issues in any chats regarding their punishments will be removed, or muted depending on the severity and have their punishment appeal overlooked.

    Disrespect / Verbal Abuse:
    When you are on the forums, discord and the server, please remember to be respectful to all members of the Savage Games community. Do not write something that you would consider to be rude and treat those how you wish to be treated. Disrespect / Verbal Abuse will absolutely not be tolerated here and you will be punished accordingly depending on the severity of your actions.

    Any giveaways presented to our community are to be Savage Games Official Giveaways only. No personal giveaways are allowed to be advertised on the server Discord, forums or in game. Posting links or sending messages to members of the community asking for them to enter any giveaway is prohibited and can result in an appropriate server punishment. Those excluded from this rule are as followed: Official Savage Games head of staff, and VIP YouTubers. Please keep in mind that although exempt, these links and requests should never be spammed.

    Griefing / Island Player Killing:
    As the Island Owner, you are responsible for who you have within your private claims. If at any time you feel uncomfortable or unsure about having a player on your Island, you can use /tempinvite to restrict from altering, using and overall being a permanent resident on your Island. Other forms of security are present, such as Public Islands, Container locks, Temp Invites, Closed off builds, and general Island restrictions. That being said, any forms of griefing (unless inappropriate builds), or stealing are up to the Island owner to handle.

    Any third party modification that gives significant advantages over another player in game is blacklisted from the server. This also includes advantages that can be used via ones mouse and/or keyboard, such as macros. We prefer to keep the server fair for all members of the community, that being said cheating will not be tolerated and upon sufficient evidence being obtained, you will be removed from the server immediately. Anyone found admitting to using hacks, regardless if in a joking matter, will be punished equally for using unfair advantages.

    *Please check out the official list of mods not to use: Here

    Harassment covers a wide range of behaviors of an offensive nature. It is commonly understood as behavior which disturbs or upsets someone and which becomes ultimately repetitive. All forms of harassment are punishable regardless of who it’s directed towards. Those found harassing anyone will be punished accordingly.

    Accusing someone of hacking in game (Hackusating) is not directly punishable, and can be addressed in general chat, however, anyone seen accusing someone of using hacks in general chat instead of reporting the player in game or via the forums, may be asked to stop. If at anytime the accusations continue, a punishment could potentially be applied in regards to spamming, or disobeying the requests of a staff team member. Please keep in mind that when you address someone in game for hacking, this opens up the opportunity for said player to toggle their hacks and thus making the staffs job more difficult when it comes to obtaining evidence.

    *If you have someone you need to report, please to so: Here

    Inappropriate Island / Kingdom Content:

    Content that is created on Skybounds islands or Kingdoms overall server, must remain appropriate. Any builds that are found to be discriminatory, offensive or overall inappropriate will result in a punishment being placed. This rule also applies to inappropriate content written within books, on signs and any other form of communication.

    Inappropriate Island / Kingdom Names:
    Inappropriate Skybounds Island / Kingdom names are not permitted and will be punished for as needed. Any conflicting names will be removed and/or renamed and the owner punished appropriately. No Islands or Kingdoms should display offensive or overall inappropriate lingo at any time.

    Inappropriate Language / content:
    Inappropriate language consists of using words that are considered improper or unsuitable for some purpose or situation and are often found to be offensive. Profanity, or any other form of communication that could be considered offensive is to not be used on the server and will result in being punished, this includes renaming your Islands. Currently server wide we have a chat filter in place that will automatically censor what we deem to be inappropriate. Anybody seen bypassing the chat filter will be handled accordingly. Bypassing the chat filter includes, but is not limited to, using special characters and/or symbols to keep words from being censored.

    Inappropriate or harmful Links:
    Any links sent over the server, forums or discord will be monitored by the staff team. If any links posted are found to be inappropriate, offensive, or harmful to our players, you will be removed from the server permanently without question.

    Inappropriate Skin / Cape:

    Skins and capes that are offensive or obtain sexually explicit content will not be permitted on the server. Anyone seen with an inappropriate skin / cape will be immediately removed from the server. A ban appeal will need to be made with evidence that your skin or cape was in fact changed in order for you to get unbanned.

    Inappropriate Username:
    Usernames that could be considered offensive to any degree are to be changed immediately. If you are unable to modify your username at the time of being confronted, you will be banned from accessing the server until you can further change your name. A ban appeal will need to be made with evidence that your username was in fact changed in order for you to get unbanned. Please keep in mind that we will not be issuing nick names in replace of banning players.

    Language Barrier:
    Being a public server, we welcome players across the world to come join in on the fun. We whole heartedly understand that a variety of you all may speak different languages, however, Savage Games resides in North America and thus prefers English to be the primary spoken language. Please keep in mind that you may speak any language you wish, but the same chat rules will apply to you as it does everyone else and if seen suitable, you may be asked to further your discussions in private chats. This goes for languages used in general chat that are seen as promoting spam or becomes disruptive for the rest of the players.


    Thank you for taking interest in making the server a better place. We appreciate your motivation to help provide a fun and friendly environment for our players. For those of you that like to help assist our Moderators in monitoring chat, please keep in mind that when you start issuing punishments or giving wrongful information, you will be asked to stop mini-modding. As much as we appreciate the efforts, sometimes your assistance isn’t needed and can become more problematic then helpful.

    Punishment Evading:
    Anyone who was issued a high priority server wide ban and is found playing on the server through an alternative account in order to bypass a charge back, or other severe punishments will be removed from the server permanently on said account. Please keep in mind that if you have siblings which play on the server, they have a chance at being punished for your wrong doings. Please be respectful and abide by all server rules to avoid these types of complications.

    Scamming / Stealing:
    Scamming / Stealing is the action of someone who attempts to remove or take goods from another individual, usually by means of trickery, deceit or force. There are many ways to prevent scamming and/or stealing within the server; from using the Auction House, to taking advantage of the Trading system. Anyone encountering a potential scam or stealing situation will be held accountable for not using the provided server security features.

    Signatures [Forums]:
    All signatures uploaded to the forums are to remain appropriate. Signatures that display anything in regards to offensive or sexually explicit content will result in a ban.

    Social Media / Misc URL Advertisements:
    All advertisements on the server are prohibited. Those found advertising their social media and/or random links via the forums, discord or the server will be handled accordingly. Please do not post links in chat unless they obtain Savage Games, Skybounds, Kingdoms or BajanCanadian related content. YouTube ranks are the only members within the server to whom can freely advertise their Media links, including live streams.

    Anyone found selling goods or services owned by Savage Games for in real life money, will be removed from the server. We also do not advise that any trades are made on the server through exchanging server items or cash for donation related perks. Savage Games is not responsible for any scams that occur regarding trades / purchases made with in real life money. Items and cash will not be refunded, however, those found scamming will still be punished accordingly.

    Staff Impersonation:
    Impersonating is a serious offense on Savage Games. If you witness someone impersonating a Staff Member, YouTuber, or any other individual for malicious intent, please contact a Staff Member immediately. If you are unable to get someone to further assist you in game or on discord, please obtain evidence of this offense and make a player report on the forums.

    You can recognize Staff Members by their in game name color and tags on the forums / discord.
    Helper - Blue and Bold Username / Helper Tag via Discord and the forums.
    Moderators - Purple and Bold Username / Moderator Tag via Discord and the forums.
    Admins - Light Red and Bold Username / Admin Tag via Discord and the forums.​

    YouTube / Stream related Advertisements:

    YouTuber's are the only members within the community that may advertise Skybounds related Streaming / YouTube content as long as it does not become spam. All other players without said rank are not to be advertising period. Advertising your content will result in a server side punishment being issued. If a YouTube ranked member is seen advertising a YouTube channel and/or stream for another user and is not actively a part of said channel / stream, it is not permitted and is encouraged to be reported forward.

    Kingdom Specific Rules:

    Insiding is an act of infiltrating a Kingdom with intents to gather top secret information about ones Kingdom while undercover. Typically those who inside, play a part within a Kingdom by having intentions to steal loot, uncover Kingdom strategies, defenses, base layouts and overall retrieve data beneficial to potential threats. Discovering information about a Kingdom's spawner placements, blueprint locations, chest rooms, resources and other valuable information is allowed, however, the outright stealing of spawners and blueprints is not permitted unless actively raiding.

    First, let's identify some general rules when it comes to Kingdom resources:
    • When any member of a Kingdom, regardless of their ranking, adds resources to the Kingdom they are in, they are adding into the Kingdom pool. This means that any Spawners or Blueprints placed, and used within said Kingdom are now considered property of the Kingdom and not the player specifically.
    • Players may only take or request acquiring both spawners and blueprints with the okay from owner and co-owner rankings in the Kingdom. You are not permitted to dismantle, or remove any Kingdom specific property without the approval of your Kingdom leaders.
    • Kingdom leaders are responsible for handling all minor Kingdom related confrontation such as team killing, scamming or stealing between members of their own Kingdom. Staff assistance may be requested if any major concerns need addressed.

    Players may not purposefully or maliciously undermine the Kingdom. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Removing placed spawners.
    • Removing placed blueprints.
    • Sabotaging Kingdom claims or defenses. (chunk crushing).

    Read more about it here:
    Kingdoms Insiding Information
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  1. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More.
  2. We've updated our Terms of Service. By continuing to use our website and server, you agree to our new policies.
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