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Staffing Positions

Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by Gnoxal, Nov 26, 2017.

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  1. Gnoxal

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    Oct 26, 2016
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    The Quality Assurance and Blackshore role has since been removed from Savage Games. Although you may see a few QA still along the way, we are no longer hiring.

    SkyBounds Moderator Position
    Moderators are a vital position here on the Savage Games network. Moderators on the server form the front line of player support. Their role is to help and assist players by answering questions, explaining how to use server features / mechanics and act as a rule enforcer where needed. Although the server is your top priority, you are also responsible for keeping up with forum related content. Such things include; Answering to appeals, addressing player reports, and overall monitoring user submitted threads. The well being of the community should be your top priority, along with reporting any major bugs, server crashes, and other important situations immediately.

    Only the most dedicated and experienced members of the community will be considered for this position. That being said, those who apply must have and continue to uphold good punishment records on the Savage Games, SkyBounds server. Along side behaving on the server, members must have a positive history on our community Discords, Forums, Social Media Websites and within other communities. Potential Moderators will be asked to pass a quiz taken from our Moderator Guide, and remain under review during their time as a Mod. Members of this role will receive no in-game benefits, ranks or compensation for their work provided. This is strictly a volunteer role.

    Along with being a savage games Moderator, comes a whole new world of expectations when it comes to your role within our community. As a Mod you will be expected to:

    --- Be respectful, professional and keep a positive attitude at all times, on both the server itself and all other Savage Games related communities.
    --- Fulfill your duties as a Helper to the best of your ability. When online you will be expected to monitor chat efficiently, answer questions correctly, assist users as needed and keep the environment safe for the members of our server.
    --- Uphold a clean record. Anyone seen breaking rules that would typically be punishable for a basic member of the server, will be removed from staff.
    --- Remain active on the server. You will never be expected to always be online, however, please keep in mind that we do monitor how long you’ve been offline.

    Those who are interested in applying for this position must apply with the link provided, along with successfully meeting all qualifications listed below. Please do not apply at this time if you do not meet all of the requirements for we will not be making exceptions. This role is very important to the server and highly confidential, so only those who are deemed suitable for the position will be considered.

    Helper Qualifications:
    - User must speak, type and understand fluent English.
    - User must be of the age 15 years or older to be considered.
    - User must have played on SkyBounds for at least one week or longer.
    - User must have a decently clear records history at the time of applying and acceptance.
    - User must be experienced in the art of SkyBounds and have a high understanding of the mechanics of the server.

    Those who are accepted as a SkyBounds Helper will be promoted to Moderator via the Forums, Discords, and Server. Those promoted will also be added to the main Savage Games Staff Discord to communicate and further assist all members of the staff team. All Mods have a chance at earning specific promotional ranks, such as Administrator, along with being rewarded for their well doings on a Monthly basis.


    Helper Application Link: Staff Application Menu

    No, you can not apply for...
    - Builder.
    - Administrator.
    - Overlord.

    Those looking for VIP
    [VIP] and [Blackshore] Rank Qualifications
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