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Enchantment Challenges

Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by Fr3shL2k, Mar 23, 2017.

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  1. Fr3shL2k

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    Feb 3, 2017
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    This is a Copy and Translation into English from the Orignal Posting of ElderBanshee.
    (i asked him if this Post of mine is ok)

    So what do we need to get started ?

    -Level 10 on the Servers to even start the Challenge
    -an Entchantment Table

    These two things are needed to even start the Challenge

    First Quest
    A Diamond Sword and 10 XP Level (XP is Player XP as shown in the Pic with the Green Bar)[​IMG]

    Second Quest
    A Diamond Sword with Fire Aspect and 5 XP Level. (This part is a bit tricky, you can only buy the Sword from another Player or from the Auctionhouse)

    Third Quest
    5 Player Heads and 10 XP Level. (At this point it is your Choice to even buy the Heads in the Auctionhouse, which i prefer cuz it is faster, or farm them in the Warzone)

    Fourth Quest
    An Enchanted Item with 10 Levels of Enchantments and 15 XP Level. (You only need a Piece that has 10 levels of Enchantments in TOTAL!! Example: Fortune 5 and Unbreaking 5 = 10, the Kombination doesnt matter, the Point is u need at least 10 "Levels" in Total)

    Fifth Quest
    A COMPLETE Diamond Armor Set with 3 Enchantments on it and 10 XP Level. (As easy here as in fourth Quest. EVERY Piece needs 3 Enchantments. Meant is Legs, Boots , Chest and Head. Example: Unbreaking - Protection - Fire Protection, thats 3, i recommend the Wizard Kit Armor for this)

    When you have done all these 5 Quests you are ready to Enchant and Disentchant Gear like Weapons Tools and Armor. So have fun i hope it helped.
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