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READ THIS The "reset" answers you're all looking for!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Gnoxal, May 8, 2018.

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  1. Gnoxal

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    Oct 26, 2016
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    The information from all polls have been collected, and as most of you witnessed, the voting of a Hard Rest, and no change at all, were quite even throughout the existence of the poll. That being said, we have come to a conclusion that we felt was most suitable for not only the community, but for Savage Games too. And thus at the current time we will not be moving forward with a reset. However, for a while now there has been plans and work being put into a new style of server, but recently with the administrative staff changes we have decided to ditch that project and make something even better, yet simpler and released quite soon. This new thing will bring all the good parts that people love(d) from Skybounds and incorporate them with an incredible and new season based gamemode that EVERYONE is sure to enjoy. And YOU can help us test and enjoy this incredible journey. However back into the Skybounds talk; small changes, along with minor updates will still exist with the upcoming months for Skybounds, however, a majority of our time and effort will be working towards the future of Savage Games and the project at hand.

    We understand that some of you were really looking forward to a Hard Reset, and having the ability to join and play on a fresh and new environment. We will be revisiting the subject of a hard reset at a later date when the new project is completed.

    We have decided that a reset at this time would not be a wise business decision and would not produce a significant enough change to make a majority of the community happy and keep the business running. We have chosen to apply some minor adjustments to the community; and attend to Skybounds for small updates, along with bug fixes from this point forward. (Still reading all of your feedback, and suggestions. Who knows some of those might end up in the new gamemode!)

    Thank you to everyone who is understanding of this subject. We hope that those here today will continue to support Savage Games. We are listening to the community, and each and every one of your opinions are very important to us. We appreciate the time you have taken to join us for last weeks stream, and the time spent reading this update post!

    Have a lovely rest of your week, and we hope to see you online,
    Savage Games Team

    p.s. The final BIG feature is coming this week to skybounds.
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